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Looking For ME.

Living Intelligent Manifested Energy LIME

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We are all basically energy manifesting within a biological computer, and accessing fragments of what we think as reality
through a electrochemically transmitted wave from our higher self the soul, steeped down in vibration and relaid to us
via our biological computer the brain. This bio computer which we call the physical body, and then known generally as
Humanity, humanity is really made up of vehicles for the real entity that which is eternal, and not a fore score and ten
parody we think is actually real. We can be likened to two inter-locking circles (vesica piscis) in which we portray two
poles while incarnate here, the Ying and Yang, positive and negative poles male and female circulate within the formed
presentation incarnate here upon the Earth plan. We leave our fluid cosmic conscious plane of being, and are then encapsulated
within a rigid form, and loose nine tenths of our awareness and consciousness, literally taken from the lighted zone to a place
of frigid form and suffocating gloom. No wonder we create such illusions as ego and mind, so that they can entertain us
in this place of illusion and the feeling of being apart from the whole, and being alone. Our actions are based on emotion
which stem from our beliefs, every single emotion is an indication of a definition you believe to be true about youself
in relation to the circumstances, we will forget what people have said, people will forget what you did, but people will
never forget how you made them feel. Our emotions are windows to the inner soul, mind and ego will be left far behind
you, as the centuries slip away, but your emotions are what you really are, energy shaped by LOVE.
Warmest regards Michael.