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Looking For ME.

L-I-F-E Filling The Hole Part Four.

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The whole of humanity has felt that inner longing feeling, a feeling of something that seems to be missing, but we don't
know what it is, an inner longing for something, but we cannot seem to put our finger upon it, this feeling which will often
take the form of loneliness and create an empty feeling within us, here is where our major problems begin,because this
emptiness within us, is akin to a hunger, and this hunger wants feeding, and we begin feeding this hunger, which will soon
progress from a hunger to a craving, and we will try and satisfy this craving by eating too much and becoming obese, or
by drinking too much alcohol and becoming an alcoholic, or a drug addict, sex/porn addict, become mentally and emotionally
sick,we create an insatiable hunger within us, a vast gaping invisible hole, that is impossible to satisfy, and therefore tens
of millions of us die every year because of this condition.
What lies at the very bottom of this problem is our ignorance of who we really are, the intense longing feeling we all
experience, is a longing for unity and wholeness, it is a message flowing from within us from our higher self the soul
the longing feeling is a "direction indicator" and it is inviting you to look within yourself, to discover who you really are
we are all basically fragmented beings, and in dire and desperate need for WHOLENESS, that is the core message
coming from that longing inner feeling, seek wholeness from within your being, tens of millions of us our "hole" people
when we should all be WHOLE people, the only way to seal up that insatiable hole is to look within yourself and find out
who YOU REALLY ARE! When you do that, you will amazingly discover that your true identity is that of an immortal soul
rather than that JOE BLOGGS who you thought you were, that was your pseudo self, the soul is your real SELF.
warmest regards Michael.