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Looking For ME.

Living Intelligent Focused Energy=L I F E (Wholeness and Longing) Part 3.

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What humanity wants and desperately needs is wholeness and its deep longing satisfied, but alas this is not forthcoming
and the main reason for this, is our ignorance of our true identity.So instead of being whole and complete beings, with our
inner longing perfectly satisfied, we have in fact created a monster that lurks within us all, and this monster is literally eating
us alive! There are many names that could be attached to this beast, like rampant egotism, selfishness,greed, but all these
names come back to the source, which is ignorance of our true being, in other words because we do NOT KNOW WHO THE
HELL We ARE,this ignorance is literally killing tens of millions of us every year. A sobering thing to consider, do you not think!
We create a phenomena that materialises within us, as a response for this longing feeling, like an emptiness inside that leaves
us looking for ways to fill this HOLE that manifests within, this hole becomes a gaping chasm within, it develops into a hunger
that demands feeding, and the process we go through to feed this gaping hole, kills tens of millions of us every year, and
the number is growing bigger every year. this HOLE within, causes us to try and fill it, with drugs, alcohol, food, sex/porn,
and all number of other stuff, it creates mental and emotional illnesses, it causes cancer, heart disease, and all manner of
other illnesses that kill us. All this tragedy comes about because we do not know who we really are, we are ignorant of
of our heritage, and we are paying the price, of being eaten alive.
Will add more tomorrow, enough for today.
Warmest regards Michael.