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Looking For ME.

Living-Intelligent-Focused-Energy =L I F E Part Two.

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What is a man who dost not know himself ? Answer Lost. Mankind can be likened to "The Legion Of The Lost" groping about
in (blissful ignorance) of who and what he actually is. Think about this, we can all live within this shell, which is just a
vehicle, a (spacesuit) for the indwelling soul, spend our entire life living in this body, say eighty or ninety years, and in
all that time, never ever knowing who you really were, is not that a sorrowful state to behold? If by chance someone
would ask you who you were, what would you say? Give them your name,rank, and serial number, or where you were born
what college you attended, what profession you now practice, if any, but I am guessing that there would be absolutely
no mention of who or what you really are, basically because we do not know our real identity, and live our entire life in
gross ignorance of who we are, and what is our heritage.
The word mankind or humanity is a myth, and does not exist in absolute reality. it only "appears" to exist in what we call
relative reality, or dualism, where opposites "seem" to exist, all this though is an illusion cast over our dim vision, the much
more correct word and also very descriptive one would be vehicles, because that's what we all live in, or spacesuits, that
gives it a more up to date feel, than vehicle.
What we actually are is Spirit (souls) or even energy, its all the same thing when you look deeply, having what could be called
a human experience, we all are immortal spirit, experiencing the very real feeling of Separation and being "apart" from the WHOLE
This feeling which we all have felt without exception, brings the feeling of fear and loneliness with it, we then look for ways
to deal with this.
Will mention this next time.
Warmest regards Michael.