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Looking For ME.

The word LIFE stands for Living-Intelligent-Focused-Energy =LIFE.

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Science, and in particular quantum physics, state very clearly that energy cannot ever be destroyed, it can only be
converted into another energy dimension, therefore energy is eternal and ubiquitous by nature, which then answers the
question that only up to now religion could answer, that of is there life after death? Here science is actually proving that
we are all eternal beings, think about it, what are we made of? The answer is very simple ENERGY! Therefore we are all
immortal souls, and whats more science has said so too!
What then happens to us when the physical body dies? Well death is now an incorrect word to use, because NOTHING
ever dies! In fact nothing has ever DIED in this universe EVER! Because that would be impossible, science will confirm
this fact, it already has, energy CANNOT EVER BE DESTROYED, period! And we are all one hundred per cent made of
energy. When the physical body changes (dies) our energy signature which was contained within the vehicle which
we commonly call human beings, is then "converted" and enters into the next dimension which for most of us will be
the Astral realm or plane, we as energy packets called souls, will then effortlessly leave the physical plane and the
physical body, and then fully enter our Astral body, and carry on living as before, no worries!

Will continue this later.
Warmest regards Michael.