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Looking For ME.

Human beings are space suits for the indwelling soul.

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We as so called human beings, can sometimes have such a great opinion about just how grand we are, little do we realise
though, that what we think is great and so high and mighty, is really just a vehicle, a spacesuit for something that is really
noble and worthy of respect, that being the Divine immortal soul.
When we scrap our old cars, and buy a new one, do we mourn the passing of this dear old rust bucket? Of course not, yet
we make a fuss of what we think is ourselves, the physical body, which of course its not!
We are first souls with bodies, and NOT bodies with souls, and our bodies are NOT principles, but the indwelling soul most
certainly is, the physical body rots and decays, and returns to its owners that of air, earth,fire, and water, the indwelling
soul however is immortal divine and eternal.
The depth of mans ignorance as to his true identity keeps us in the shadows of life, rather than being in the brilliant light
of soulful illumination, all our wars and dis-eases are born within this ignorance of being misidentified with reality, rather
we grope about in the illusion of a pseudo reality we live in now.
To be continued,


  1. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I like what you said -- that: "we are souls with bodies FIRST ... not bodies with souls"
  2. M Kirkpatrick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kiz_paws
    I like what you said -- that: "we are souls with bodies FIRST ... not bodies with souls"
    Many thanks for your input here kiz paws I am grateful you took the time, therewill be lots more to come,
    I have another blog on site located at called soul realization. if you are interested.

    warmest regards Michael.
  3. M Kirkpatrick's Avatar
    What we actually are is spirit beings having what could be called a "human experience" here on a small insignificant planet called Earth. There is
    actually no such thing as Humanity that exists in absolute reality, only in the illusional relative reality does such a thing actually "seem" to exist.
    What we term to be humanity or mankind, is actually really meaning vehicles or as I term them "spacesuits" for the indwelling soul, or spirit if
    you prefer that term. Our physical bodies, biological computers,are just and ONLY vehicles that are used by the indwelling spirit, so that it can
    gain purchase in this dense and slow vibrational field. Because of our vast ignorance into who we really are, this world is in the sorry and almost
    bankrupt state it is now in. Our true and eternal identity is that we are all spirit FIRST LAST AND ALWAYS, and secondly vehicles, called mistakenly
    To be continued,
    Warmest regards Michael.