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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Companion Hazrat Hamza ra - Events - Special Prayer

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Hazrat Hamza ra - Events – A Special Prayer
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you....Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: “What was the state of civilization, morals and spirituality of Arab people at the advent of Hazrat Noble Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). There was, battle in each house, drinking alcohol, fornication and looting; in short, each evil existed. No one had possessed any connection and relation with God the Exalted and with excellent morals. Everyone acted as Pharaoh. But, by coming of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), when they entered in Islam, then such love of Allah and spirit of unity was developed in them that everyone became ready to die in the way of God the Exalted. They manifested reality of Bai'at, and showed its model by their action. How much model of loyalty was shown by Sahabah of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), its example neither exited earlier not will be seen next. But if Allah the Exalted Wills He can do same. By these models, there is benefit for others. In this Jama'at (i.e. he a. s. says about his Jama'at) God the Exalted can create such models. How nice God the Exalted has said in praise of Sahabah, ‘minal momenina rejalun sadaqu maa ahadahulla alehey faminhum man qaza nahbahu wa min hum main yantazir..’ , there are such men in believers who proved this promise which they made with God the Exalted so some form them have given their lives, and some are ready to give lives...If verses are gathered from Holy Quran in praise of Sahabah, there is no better excellent model than it.” (i.e. better than this verse which is mentioned about Sahabah.)
These models of virtues and sacrifices are excellent models for us. Events about Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them) of Badr and some others have been mentioned earlier too. Now, first Sahabah of Badr will be mentioned. They have special station. These are people, with whom Allah the Exalted was pleased, these are the people who received His special pleasure.
Hazrat Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib (may Allah be pleased with him)
How he became muslim, details are mentioned in history and ahadith. About his martyrdom is told there too. His appellation of honor is ‘syyadul shohada’ (Chief of Martyrs), ‘assadullah’ (Lion of Allah) and ‘assadul rasul’ (Lion of Messenger).
He was son of leader of Quraish, Abdul Muttalib, his mother was Hala. He was uncle of Holy Prophet blessings of Allah be on him). Hala was cousin of Hazrat Aamna, mother of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).... Hazrat Hamza was some years older than, and was milk-sibling brother of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in infancy through serving-lady Sobia ... Hazrat Hamza accepted Islam in 6 th year of Proclamation.
Hazrat Musleh Mo'ud (r.a.) has mentioned in historical events how Hazrat Hamza ra accepted Islam...One day Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was sitting at a stone between mountains of Safa and Marwa and was in deep thoughts how to convey Tauheed of Allah the Exalted. Abu Jahl, grand persecutor of muslims, came and said you do not stop your words and began to call very bad names but Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) remained silent. Then Abu Jahl hit him, still he (s.a.w.) did not react. Nearby, there was house of Hazrat Hamza who was out for hunting but his salve woman saw all event with sadness, she was infidel but was a good person. When Hazrat Hamza came proudly, she said, does he have any shame, such oppression and persecution was done by Abu Jahl to his nephew who did not react. She mentioned all matter...Hazrat Hamza was non-muslim yet and a leader of Quraish, who knew Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) was right but did not believe because he did not want to leave his worldly splendor....Now, his family honor arose, raged, he immediately went to Kaba, made circuits around it and proceeded toward gathering of Abu Jahl and other leaders. Abu Jahl was boasting about what he had done....Hazrat Hamza went straight to him and hit his bow to head of Abu Jahl, and said you are boasting now I belittle you, speak if you have any courage...Abu Jahl had status of king in Makkah, a leader, a Pharaoh like. .. His companions rushed to attack Hazrat Hamza but Abu Jahl who had been subdued due to patience of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and due to courage of Hamza, stopped them and said, actually he did excess and aggression so let it go, Hamza is right.
So metaphorically it was like, as if when Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was coming back from mountains of Safa and Marwah he was saying in heart, my duty is not to fight but to bear name calling with patience but God the Exalted was saying at Arsh, ‘alais-allaho bekafin abdohu’ (is Allah not sufficient for His Servant) ; you do not want to fight but does Allah not present to contest your foes....
So Allah the Exalted gave Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) a devotee i.e. in that gathering, Hazrat Hamza ra announced he has accepted faith. He addressed Abu Jahal: you called Muhammad sa names, only because he says I am messenger of Allah and angels descends at me, listen clearly, I announce I accept religion of Muhammad sa from today. I say what Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) says, if you have courage, come to compete with me.
Hazrat Hamza (may Allah be pleased with him) announced he has become Muslim...Traditions tell, after that, faith of Muslims of Makkah received strength. English historian, Sir William Muir has admitted, the purpose of Muhammad sa received strength when Umar and Hamza became Muslim.
Hazrat Hamza ra migrated to Madina like other Muslims.
Even Muslims had gone to Madina, infidels’ mischief did not stop. Muslims had to be very alert and had to be aware of foe’s movements. In this regard, Hazrat Hamza served exceptionally.
Hazrat Hamza ra lifted flag of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). He always kept his self respect, even in difficult economical conditions after migration, as Holy Prophet sa always taught so.
Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) encouraged Hazrat Hamza (may Allah be pleased with him) to do certain prayers. Hazrat Hamza ra narrates,

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said, always do this prayer:

‘allahumma as-aloka be-ismekal azame wa rizwanekal akbar’ i.e. O Allah I seek from You, by giving reference of Your Supreme-Name and Your Greatest-Pleasure.
Hazrat Hamza ra always ate fruit of this prayer.
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