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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Avoid Evil and Discord -- Get Real Peace

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Peace and mercy of Allah be you.... In this era, everywhere in the world mischief and discord continues. Somewhere mischief and discord is in the name of Deen (religion). At other places, discord is to prove worldly power and superiority. Here and there, conflict is due to competition between poverty and richness. Somewhere quarrel is desire of political parties to get governmental authority. In some places, domestic feuds and discords are over insignificant issues. Somewhere fights and feuds, mischief and discord are due to not paying mutual rights. At places attempt is to make clash to prove racial supremacy. Somewhere, effort is being made to do mischief and discord to get rights by using wrong method.
In short, seeing from any angle, world is embroiled in evil and fight. Neither poor nor rich, neither advanced nor les advanced or progressing countries are spared from this.
So human thinks he is very advanced in this era, he thinks it is era of knowledge, wisdom and light, but actually he has sunk in darkness. Human is moving toward and rather has reached near ditch of destruction by forgetting God the Exalted in his pursuit of world and by considering it as his deity and Rabb / Lord.
In such conditions, up to some extent, one can understand the baffling of non-muslim world in the glitter of world as their religion has been deformed. Their Deen does not present comprehensive and complete solution for them towards Allah the Exalted...... But it is surprising about muslims, who have comprehensive and complete Book in its original condition. And further, God the Exalted has sent Imam of this era according to His promise, to correct differences which have been made in commentaries of Holy Quran and Deen, and to correct the wrong color given to Deen due to mutual differences of scholars.... But instead of, making correction, and listening to this envoy of God the Exalted and to end the differences and discord, majority is following scholars who create discord in the name of Deen. And by following such scholars, they are not listening to the one, sent by Allah the Exalted.
Allah the Exalted made an arrangement to end conflict in world, to create mutual love and brotherhood, and to recognize Him, but Muslims are not paying attention to it. For this very reason, muslim world is surrendering to discords more than anyone else. Their religious and worldly leaders are pushing them to darkness and citizens of same countries are becoming mutually blood thirsty.... Taking advantage of this situation, external world especially non-muslim powers are giving war apparatus and military assistance to muslim groups. It is to make them fight with each other and to draw own benefits. It is very big tragedy.
Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) further said: This situation should draw our attention to do prayers for us (Ahmadi-muslims who have believed Hazrat Promised Messiah - on whom be peace), and for those common-muslims who have not believed him.... It is also needed that we should make our practical conditions and spiritual condition as Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) wants to see for us. Because, if our practical conditions are not such as he (a.s.) wants to see then it is possible we may become among that group which is embroiled in discord.
Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) continuously, repeatedly and in various ways instructed his Jama'at over the years, what should be their conditions after doing Bai'at and which methods they should adopt for this and how they can improve their conditions.... It shows how much he was anxious about his Jama'at lest they forget their purpose, lest they are deformed after doing Bai'at, lest they again begin to move to darkness. He (on whom be peace) said:
“it is essential for our Jama'at that, in this full-of-disturbance era, as everywhere air of error, neglect and astray-ness is blowing, they should adopt Taqwa. The state of world is this, there is no greatness (is considered) of commandments of Allah the Exalted. There is no care about rights and wasaya (instructions: neither they do not know what are their own rights and how to pay, nor they care what they were instructed or they themselves do wasiyyat or wasiyat is done to them). There is more that limit immersion in world and its works. Seeing very little worldly loss, they leave the part which belongs to Deen. They waste rights of Allah the Exalted as all these things are seen in court case-filings and sharing with partners. With intention of greed, they treat each other. Against carnal emotions, they happen to be very weak. Till the time that God has kept them weak, they do not dare to do sin (if they do not sin, it is because they are weak they are afraid lest they are caught and punished) but when as weakness vanishes and chance comes to do sin, immediately commit it. Today, in this age, search in every place, it will be found as if true Taqwa has left and true Eman (belief) is not present at all. But because God the Exalted likes that He does not waste seed of their true Eman (belief) and Taqwa for sure , when He sees now crop has come to near full destruction, He raises more crop. (i.e. if one generation, or some people or one nation become bad, He produces other). Same fresh upon fresh Quran is present, as God the Exalted had said: ‘inna nahno nazzalnazzikra wa inna lahoo la-hafezoon’ (We have sent this zikr / Quran and We are surely Guardian of it). Much portion of Ahadith is present, other blessings are present too, but Eman (belief) in hearts and practical state is not present at all. God the Exalted has sent me so that these things should be developed again. When God saw field is empty, requirement of His divine-nature absolutely did not like that field should remain empty (if evils are spreading, honor of Allah the Exalted, His divine-nature required that He should fill the field again with people or create such people who should give priority to Deen over world, execute Deen, spread, act on Deen) and people should remain away like this, that is why now God the Exalted wants to create a new nation of alive ones. And for it, is our conveying of message so that, life of Taqwa is obtained.”
(so if Ahmadis have done right Bai'at, they shall have to be among spiritual alive ones otherwise there is no benefit. Will this new nation be made by only saying of mouth. No, but for it, there is need to create change in practical states and true Taqwa, only then we can become that new nation which understand reality of Islam, only then we can become those people who obtain pleasure of Allah the Exalted, only then we can fulfill out pledge of Bai'at.)
What is reality of Islam, and how we can get it. ... Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said about it: “lslam is the name, to come under all supremacies of Allah the Exalted and its summary is true obedience and perfect obedience of God the Exalted. Muslims in the one who puts his all being in Huzur of God the Exalted – without hope of any reward, ‘man aslama wajhahu lillahey wa howa mohsin’ i.e. Muslim in one who devotes and surrender his all being to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted. And his intent and purpose, belief-wise and practically, should be to get pleasure and bliss of only Allah the Exalted. And all virtues and good deeds which he should have done, should not be done by labour and difficult way, rather there should be a delight and comfort in these. (if people are practicing commandments of Allah the Exalted, it should not be done as huge burden, rather a delight and deliciousness and happy heart should be there in doing each good work) which should change each kind of trouble in ease. Real muslim loves Allah the Exalted, by saying this and accepting that He is my Beloved, Master, Creator and Benefactor, that is why he puts his head at His threshold. If true muslims is told, nothing will be obtained as reward of these deeds, and there is neither paradise nor hell, neither there are eases and delights, (even then) he absolutely cannot leave his good deeds and love of Allah (it is selfless love with Allah the Exalted which he wants to create, not for any reward, not for fear of hell not to get paradise. Rather, there should be pure love of Allah the Exalted. If nothing is obtained, even then there should be pure love with Allah the Exalted) because his worships and relation with God the Exalted and his obeying commandments and vanishing in obedience is not based and hope of any compensation and reward. Rather he considers his being such a thing that it is in reality made for recognition of God the Exalted, His love and obedience and there is no other intent and purpose of it all. That is why when he uses his God-given powers in these intents and purposes , he only sees face of His real Beloved.” (when you will make relation with Allah the Exalted by being selfless then His face is seen, real connection is developed, he does not keep eyes on paradise and hell, rather his eyes are on pleasure of Allah the Exalted.)
In love of Allah the Exalted, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) mentions about his state: “ I say if I am given surety that most severe punishment will be given to love God the Exalted and to obey Him, I say swearing that my nature happens to be such that it is ready to bear these troubles and difficulties with an excitement of a delight and love and interest, and despite such surety which is given in form of torment and sorrow, ever coming one step out of obedience and following-the-commandment of God, declares more than thousand rather unlimited death and collection of sorrows and troubles....A real muslim considers destruction for himself to go out of commandment of God, no matter he is given promise of how much luxury and ease is given in this disobedience. So it is essential to be real muslim that nature of such kind should be obtained that love and obedience of God the Exalted should not be based on fear and hope of any reward and punishment, rather should be by being instinctive property and part of nature. Then that love creates a paradise for him by itself and real paradise is this. No person can enter paradise until he adopts this path, that is why I give you, who keep connection with me, give teaching to enter by this very path because the real path of paradise is it.” (so Hazrat Promised Messiah on whom be peace has this hope and expectation from us about our connection with Allah the Exalted....)

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