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The Girl With The Big Bazoomas

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It was my very first date.

One of my brother's friends asked me if I would like to go to the high school dance on Friday evening ... ending a week of horrendous exams.

I was a little taken aback, as I never really even noticed him before, at least not in a dating sense. I decided that I would like to go to the dance, escorted (for once), so I said yes.

Friday rolled around and it was nice to have the exams behind me and now enjoy 'my first date'. Lester came, on foot, (he lived one street beyond my place) to our door and my mom announced his arrival. I was wearing a cotton summery dress and sandals. And Lester was wearing purple polyester 'good pants' and a crisp cotton short sleeved shirt.

PURPLE POLYESTER PANTS.... oh no, what have I gotten myself into....??

As we headed to the high school, he reached for my hand. His hand was sweaty and it was quite awkward, but I guess this is how first dates go...

We arrived at the decorated gym and loud music greeted us. I saw my fellow wall flowers in their usual place... with eyebrows lifted and even a stink-eye or two... Oh Lordy... but I thought how shallow it is to judge someone on their taste (or lack thereof?) in dance attire, and make the best of it. Lester was a pretty good dancer and he was even funny, which is a plus in my humble opinion. We shared a bag of potato chips and he bought us a couple of colas. It wasn't so bad at all, and I actually enjoyed myself.

After the dance, he walked me home. I opened the solid oak door to my home, and turned to thank Lester. He planted a shy kiss on my cheek and said, "can I ask you something?"

I wondered where this was going to go, the door was open and I had better get in.....

Lester said, "Would you mind introducing me to that friend of yours; that girl with the big bazoomas?"

If I may personify the solid oak door, may I close by saying that my swung door enjoyed the feel of a pimply nose....


This is a true story.
Lester is not his real name.
And within six or seven years, i'll be darned if Lester didn't marry 'that girl with the big bazoomas'....


  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Lol! Are bazoomas what I think they are?
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I have heard a lot of euphemisms for breasts, but that guy topped them all with bazoomas.

    By the way, I wrote this piece because recently Steven Hunley said something about writing best about things that actually happened to one (or something along those lines). And I have a million stories to share.... some day....
  3. MANICHAEAN's Avatar
    So good. Well written, interesting and with a kick-*** ending. More please, instead of some of the "modern creative" writing we are getting. By the way, in 19th Century polite society, such well endowed ladies were referred to as having " a fine neck."
    Best regards
  4. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Why thank-you, MANICHAEAN, for taking the time to read/comment on this blog entry.
    Yes, my girl friend had a 'very fine neck' indeed (I never knew till you told us that here in your comment!), lolol!!