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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Two Prayers for Security – Requirements and Deep Meaning

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Peace and mercy of Allah be on you....
Translations of verses:
[40:1] In the name of Allah, al-Rahman (limitlessly Merciful, Who grants, without one asks), al-Rahim (repeatedly Merciful).

[40:2] Ha (Hameed: the One Who has praise) Mim (Majeed: the One Who has majd / glory).

[40:3] The revelation of this Book is from Allah, al-Aziz (Who has complete dominance), al-Aleem (Who has perfect knowledge).

[40:4] Ghafer iz zumbe (The Forgiver of sin) and Qaabelit taube (the Acceptor of repentance), Shadid il eqaabe (Severe in punishment), Zit tol (Who grants a lot, and Who has vastness). There is none worthy of worship except Him. Towards Him is the final return.


[2:256] Allah - there is none worthy of worship except Him, al-Haai (Always Alive), al-Qaiyum (Exists by Himself). Slumber seizes Him not, nor sleep. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he that will intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them; and they encompass nothing of His knowledge except what He pleases. His kursi / kingdom extends over the heavens and the earth; and the care of both of them burdens Him not; and He is al-Ali (Who has very great glory) al-Azim (Who has great magnificence).

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said that first four verses, including ‘bismillah verse’ are from surah al- Momin and one verse is ayatul kursi, which is verse from surah al-Baqrah.....In these verses, certain attributes of Allah the Exalted and His glory and magnificence is stated.

About the importance of these verses, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that, who recited in morning, from ‘Ha mim’ al-momin to ‘elaihil masir’ and also recited ‘ayatul kursi’ too, by these two, he will be guarded till he does evening. And who recited these two in evening, he will be guarded by these till he does morning..


First verse of surah momin is ‘bismillah-ir-rahman-i-rahim’...... The attributes al-rahman and al-rahim are explained in translation above.

Then ‘haa-mim’ -- these are ‘huroof e muqatte-at’ (disjointed letters).

‘haa-mim’ are for ‘hameed’ and ‘majeed’.... ‘hameed’ means the One Who is praiseworthy and real praise fits only to Him.... It is only Allah the Exalted Who possesses ‘hamd’ / praise.... Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explains the word ‘hamd’ :

“let it be clear, hamd is called for that praise which is done for a good act of a rightful-of-praise. Also it is name of praise of such benefaction-doer, who has done benefaction by His intention, and has done beneficence according to His Will.
And reality of hamd, in its right, is certain only for that Being Who is source of all bounties and enlightements and does beneficence to someone knowingly, not unconsciously, or by any compulsion.”

(the right of real praise is only for that Being who does beneficence, not due to any compulsion and cause but He continues to do beneficence)

“these meanings of hamd are only found in the Being of God - the Khabeer (All-Aware) and (All-Seeing), and He is beneficent and initial and final, all beneficence are from Him. And all praise is for Him, in this world and in that world too. And all praise which is done for others-than-Him, its place-of-return is He too.”

( i.e. if praise is done for any other, the others are made praiseworthy or they are made able that they are praised, it is bounty of Allah the Exalted. Allah the Exalted made them enable to do such work, because of which, they are praised.)

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) further explained the word hamd:

“hamd is said to be that praise which is done by tongue, for a sovereign noble Being, with intention of His glorification and honour at His good deeds. And the most perfect ‘hamd’ is especially for Lord, the Majestic. And the source of all kind of hamd, whether it is small or big, is our that Lord Who guides those-who-have-lost-way and grants honour to humble people. And He is praiseworthy of praise-worthies” (i.e the beings which are praiseworthy, all of them are praising Him)
Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said more about word hamd: “ there is another indication in word ‘hamd’ and that is this, that Allah, the Blessed and Exalted says, O My servants, identify Me by My attributes, and recognize Me by My excellences. I am not like imperfect-beings, but the station-of-My-hamd is more than who do hamd with extreme exaggeration. And you will not find any praiseworthy attributes in heavens and earths which you could not find in My Being. If you want to count my praiseworthy attributes, you will be able to count them at all. No matter, how much you ponder with full effort and how much trouble you bear like those who are absorbed in their work. Ponder a lot! Do you see any such hamd which is not found in My Being? Do you get sign of such perfection which is far from Me and My Court? And if you think so then you did not recognize Me at all and you are from among blinds”

(so each hamd is proper for Allah the Exalted)
“but surely I am recognized by My .. attributes and My excellences. And My torrential rain is known by clouds of My blessings. So the people who believed Me full of all perfect attributes and all excellences, and they saw any excellence anywhere, and they saw any grandeur upto extreme flight of their thought, they attributed them to Me. And every greatness which became significant in their wisdoms and eyes and every capability which was seen in the mirror of their thoughts, they attribute it to Me. So these are such people who move fastn on the paths of My comprehension. Truth is with them and they shall become successful. Thus, may Allah the Exalted keep you with wellness. Standup and get busy in search of attributes of God Who has grandeur, and think and use insight like learned and thoughtful people about these.”

(because by understanding attribute of hamd, understanding of other attribute is obtained or can be obtained)

“check carefully and cast deep sight at each aspect of perfection, and in apparent and inner of this universe, and search it as a eager human continues to search for his desires with great affection.”

(to know favors of Allah the Exalted, to know His attributes, to do His hamd, to find ways lot of effort, do effort like eager human)

“thus when you reach its perfect excellence, and find its odour, so as if you find Him and it is such secret which opens at seekers of guidance. Thus it is your Lord and your Master Who Himself is perfect and source of all perfect attributes and praises.”

(all hamd, all praises and praiseworthy things belongs to Him. So it is understanding of Allah being Holder of hamd, which we should obtain so that we recognize His other attributes too.)
Next, Allah the Exalted says, He is Majeed, Holder of Majd, bazurgi / dignity. Bazurgi of Allah the Exalted is not the bazurgi which we say about human i.e someone is great bazurg, or we say about people of old age that he has become bazurg. But for Allah the Exalted, bazurgi means He is extremely praiseworthy; and has such great magnificence, to which none can reach; there is no limit of Whose favour; Who grants and grants continuously tirelessly.
So when reciting the verse, these meanings of Allah being Holder of Majd, should be before us. And also the meaning of hamd, which are explained earlier.
Next, Allah the Exalted says, He is Aziz. It means He is Master of powers. He is more powerful than all powerful ones and He is undefeatable, it is impossible to defeat Him. All honors belongs to Him. His worth and importance is countless. He is dominant over everything. None can be like Him....It is meaning of Aziz.
Next said, Allah the Exalted is Aleem, i.e. He has knowledge of everything, either taken place or will happen in future. From Whom, nothing is hidden, Whose knowledge fully encompasses everything. So, this is, that God Who revealed this Book i.e. Noble Quran and Who has sent this last Shariah, He has filled knowledge of needs of all eras in it. And now all kind of security and dominance will be and can be achieved by truly practicing it.

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    Next, He is Ghafer-izzumb, Forgiver of sins. So by bowing before Him, forgiveness of sins should be sought. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has explained at many places that forgiveness of sins should continuously be sought.

    He (a.s.) said: “The light which is granted to human, it is temporary.” (i.e. any religious or spiritual grant is temporary). “to keep it always with self, there is need of Istighfar.”... “the Istighfar, which Prophets do, the reason for it is same that they are aware of these things and they continue to feel danger that the sheet of Nur / light, which is granted to them, let it not happen that it is seized”... “these are the very meanings of Istighfar that the current Nur which is obtained from God the Exalted, it should remain secured and additional, more is obtained. To get it, there is five time Salaat too.” (Salaat too is part of it to get mughferat and that Nur, because, in Salaat too, human repents from sins and seeks forgiveness of Allah the Exalted) “so that he seeks from God the Exalted very day with open heart. The one who has insight, he knows Salaat is a acme, and it is the prayer of Salaat full of humility and begging with tears, by which he can get freedom from diseases.” (i.e. to get rid of spiritual and physical diseases, prayers are needed and among prayers, there is need of Istighfar, and Salaat too is part of it. so when Holy Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be on him - asked about reading these verses, mere reading will not do anything, but practical condition too will have to be improved. We shall have to pay attention how to do Istighfar, how to save Salaats so that we are saved too.).

    Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained more about Istighfar: “The meaning of istighfar are that, in apparent, no sin should be committed and the power to do sin should not emerge” (i.e. that chance and power is not developed, by which sin can be committed) “this is reality of Istighfar of prophets that though they are innocents, but they do Istighfar for reason so that, in future that power is not manifestted. And, for common-people other meaning of Istighfar will be taken, that the crimes and sins which have taken place, may God keep safe from their bad results and forgive those sins, and along with it, save from future sins. Anyway, it is essential matter for human he should always remain engage in Istighfar. The famine and various calamities which descend in world, their meaning is it, that people should be engaged in Istighfar.” (so when person is caught in troubles or troubles are for Ahmadis, attention should be for prayers and Istighfar) “but the meaning of Istighfar is not it, that to keep saying astaghferullah astaghferullah. In fact, due to being language of other country, reality remained obscure from the eyes of people. People of Arab used to understand these things well, but in our country, due to being other language, many realities have remained hidden. There are many people who say we have done Istighfar for so many times, hundred or thousand tasbih / bead was read. But if pupose and meaning are asked, then no answer, they remain perplexed. Person should truly keep seeking forgiveness in heart secretly that those sins and crimes which have done by me, their punishment should not be faced. And in future, in heart secrectly, all time, keep seeking help from God the Exalted that may He enable in future to do virtuous deeds and save from sin. Remember well, words will not do anything. Istighfar can be done in own language too that may God the Exalted forgive previous sins, and save from future sins, and enable to do virtue, and it is real Istighfar. There is no need that one may merely keep saying astaghferullah astaghferuallah and the heart even does not know.”

    ( if , by Istighfar, such softness, pity, excitement, khashiat of Allah the Exalted is not developed in heart, till then there is no benefit of Istighfar. Excitement should be developed in heart.)

    “Remember, only that thing reaches God which comes from heart. Abundant prayers should be done to God the Exalted in own language, it affects heart. Tongue only gives testimony of heart. If excitement is developed in heart, and tongue joins along too, it is good thing. Only verbal prayers without heart are useless, but prayers of heart are real prayers. When before time of calamity, human keeps praying in heart secretly and keeps doing Istighfar then that calamity is removed by God, the Rahim o Karim.” (not this, when trouble comes, then prayers. Before that, prayers should be continuously done. God, Rahim o Karim then remove those calamities) “but when calamity has descended, then it does not go away. Before descending of calamity, keep doing prayers, and a lot of Istighfar should be done. Like this, God saves at the time of calamity.”............ “Our Jama'at should show any distinguishing thing too” (there should be any difference!) “if a person goes after doing Bai'at and does not show any distinguishing thing, he shows same conduct with his wife as it was before, and treats his family and children as before, then it is not good thing. If, after Bai'at too, same bad moral and bad-treatment remained, and same state remained which was earlier, then what is benefit of Bai'at. It should done that, after Bai'at, one should become and show such model to others and his relatives and neighbors that they pronounce, now he is not that one what he was earlier. Remember well, if you will practice by being pure, your awe surely will be on others. How big awe was of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), once infidels felt that Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) will do pray-against, all infidels came together and requested, Huzur!, do not do pray-against. Awe of truthful person surely exists. Practice should be done by being fully pure and should be done for the sake of God then surely your effect and awe will be on others too.” (So there is need to do Istighfar, and to develop understanding its sense. Zikr azkar and prayers are useful when alongside there is effort to improve practical condition. People say, please tell us a small prayer, so we continue to recite. Small prayers give benefit when faraiz / obligations are being fulfilled. Offer Salaat. Salaats should be offered at right time with punctuality and interest only then zikr / small prayers will be useful.)

    Next, the attribute ‘qaabelittob’ of Allah the Exalted is mentioned i.e. Who accepts ‘taubah’. Taubah means to return to Allah the Exalted while seeking forgiveness of own sins. When human comes in the Huzur of Allah the Exalted with the pledge that I shall not do sin now on, and always do effort to avoid sin, Allah the Exalted accepts Taubah of the person who comes toward Him with this passion and intention. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) mentioned this subject as:
    “That day is which day, which is better and more blessed day than Jumu’ah and both Eids? I tell you that, that day is the day of Taubah of human which is better than of all those and is better than every Eid. Why? Because, on that day, that bad record of deeds is washed, which keeps bringing human closer to hell, and was bringing him under divine-wrath secretly, and his sins are forgiven. In reality, which day for human will be day of more happiness and Eid which gives him salvation from eternal hell and eternal divine-wrath. The Taubah-doer sinful who earlier was far from God and was target of His wrath, now by His fazl / favor comes close to Him and is moved far from hell and wrath as Allah the Exalted said ‘innallaha yohibbut-twabina wa yohibbul motataherin’ ..surely Allah the Exalted befriends Taubah-doers and loves those people who wants purity.From this verse, not only this is found that Allah the Exalted makes Taubah-doers His beloved but it is also known that, with real Taubah, real purity and cleanliness is condition.” (real Taubah is that, with which, real purity should be present. Human should make strong intention, that I shall not do sin from now on. When there will be purity and cleanliness, only then Taubah will be accepted.) “the essential condition is to be away from filth and dirtiness of each kind, otherwise mere Taubah and by repetition of word there is no benefit. So the day which is such blessed day that human does Taubah from his misdeeds and makes true pledge of peace with Allah the Exalted, and bows his head for His commandments, then doubtlessly he will be saved from the wrath which was being prepared for punishment of his bad deeds. And like it, he gets that thing, of which as if he did not have expectation and hope. You can presume by self that a person who is fully hopeless in getting a thing and in the state of hopelessness and frustration, he finds his objective, how much happiness he will get, his heart will get a fresh life. For this very reason, it is mentioned in Ahadith. From Ahadith and previous Books it is known that when human, comes out of death of sin, gets new life by Taubah, Allah the Exalted become happy by his life. In reality it is matter of happiness that if human is buried under sin, and destruction and death is near him from every side, divine wrath is ready to eat him, suddenly he from those sins and bad acts which were cause of farness and distance , by doing Taubah, come toward God the Exalted. That time is time of happiness of God, and angels in heavens too do delight, because Allah the Exalted does not want His any servant is wasted and destroyed. But He wants, if mistake and weakness is shown by His servant, even then he should enter in peace by doing Taubah. So remember, the day when human repents from his sins, is very much blessed day, and is better than all days, because he gets new life on that day, and is brought near God the Exalted. . .....Continues
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    And with respect to it, that day, in which many of you pledged (i.e. day of Bai'at today I repent from my all days and in future according to my capacity and understanding, I shall keep avoiding sins) is day of Taubah. I am sure, according to promise of Allah the Exalted, every person who has done Taubah by true heart, previous sins are forgiven and he came under ‘atta-ebo minaz-zambe ka-mal la zumba lahu’ as if we can say he has not done any sin. But, yes, I say again, for it, there is condition that step should be taken towards true purity and real cleanliness and this Taubah should not be only verbal Taubah but should come under practice. It is not small thing that someone’s sins are forgiven but it is matter of great splendor......If someone from human does little fault and mistake about other, then sometimes his malice continue till generations. He remain in search of opponent generation after generation so that if opportunity is found, revenge should be taken. But Allah the Exalted is very much Rahim and o Karim, not heard hearted like human, who does not stop chasing till many genration for one sin and wants to destroy. But that Rahim Karim God forgives sins of 70 years, with one sentence, in one instant. Do not think this, that forgiveness is such, which has no benefit. No, that forgiveness is, in fact, advantageous and benficial and those people well feel it who has done Taubah with true heart.”
    (so it is real Taubah, which arranges for security)

    If it is not, then Allah the Exalted says, remember, He is ‘shadidul eqaab’ too, that is, when human does not care commandments of Allah the Exalted He punishes him too.

    Next, He said, He is ‘zittaol’ He grants a lot. He does extreme to give benefit. There is no limit to His grant because He has power, He can grant everything. His treasures are unlimited.

    Allah the Exalted says, remember My these attributes, you will always get favor. Except Him, there is no one who has so much power. And we have to go to Him, in this world and after death. When this understating will prevail that eventually return is towards God the Exalted then attention will remain to do virtues and to follow His commandments. When this become the state, God the Exalted surely saves.

    Next, the verse ayatul kursi, to which Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) drew attention. It is said in Hadith, tradition by Hazrat Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) that Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that everything has a hump, and the hump of Noble Quran is surah al-baqrah, and in it, there is a verse which is the leader of all verses of Noble Quran, and that is ayatul kursi.
    Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explains: ‘Allaho la elaha illahowal Hai ul Qaiyum’ , That God is the very God, except Whom there is no one, He is the life of every life, and support of every being. The literal meaning of this verse are that, Alive is That very God, and Established by Self is That very God. So as only He is Alive one, and only He is Established by Self; from it this thing is clear that every person who is seen alive other than Him he is alive by His very life. And everyone who is established in earth or heavens, he is established by His very Being.”........... “It should be known, Allah the Exalted’s two names are presented by Noble Quran; al-Hai and al-Qaiyum. Al-Hai means God is Alive, and grants life to others. Al-Qaiyum, He is Established by Self and real cause of others establishment. Apparent and inner establishment and life of everything is due to these two very attributes. So the word Hai demands He should be worshipped, its manifestation in surah fatiha, is ‘eyyaka nabodo’. And al-Qaiyum demands support should be asked from Him, it is mentioned with wording ‘eyyaka nastaeen’.” (if we have to live and live spiritually, and benefit has to be taken from attribute Hai, it is essential to worship Him, and to worship, it is essential to seek help from Him that may Allah the Exalted enable us we worship Him.) “ the word Hai wants worship because He made and then did not leave after making, e.g. builder who made building, by his death, there is no loss to building, but, to human, need of God remains adhered, in each condition. That is why it is essential to keep asking power from God, and it is very Istighfar.” (the subject of Istighfar is explained earlier in detail, that to keep continue light of favor of Allah the Exalted, Istighfar is needed and this Istighfar is worship and gives power.)

    About the subject of shifa’at / intercession mentioned in ayatul kursi, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) stated the point, when every person prays for other, it is too a sort of intercession, and it should be an ongoing attribute of a momin / believer. He said:

    “ Without izn / permission of God the Exalted, no intercession can take place. According to Holy Quran, the meaning of shifa’at are these, that a person should pray for his brother, that may he get that purpose or a calamity is removed.” (i.e. for the purpose, someone has said for prayer, one should pray, may his purpose is achieved, if there is calamity, may it is removed.) “so it is commandment of Holy Quran, that the person who has more bowed in Huzur of God the Exalted, he should pray for his weak brother that may he get that station. It is real shifa’at. Thus we doubtlessly pray for our brothers that may God give them power, remove their calamity, and this is a kind of sympathy.......Since all human are like a body, that is why God the Exalted has taught us repeatedly, even though to accept shifa’at is His work, but you should continue to do shifa’at i.e. to pray for your brothers and do not stop from shifa’at i.e. do not stop from prayer of sympathy, as you have right on each other. Actually the word shifa’at is taken from shufa, and shufa is said for ‘even’ which is opposite of ‘odd’. So human is called shafi at that time, when, due to perfect sympathy, he annihilates into other and asks same wellness for other as for his self. And it should be remembered, Deen of any person can not become perfect, until sympathy in color of shifa’at is developed in him. Rather there are two perfect parts of Deen, one to love with God, other to love humanity so much that, to understand their trouble as own trouble and to pray for them, which is called shifa’at in other words.”
    (this is the point which we should keep before us when reciting ayatul kursi, so passion for humanity will be increased. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) instructed us to recite it, there is guidance and drawing of attention, for establishing mutual relation of sympathy among believers especially, and for in general passion of sympathy for everyone, should be on our heart. But it is unfortunate that Muslims, these days, mutually, are blood thirsty while they claim they practice Quran and Hadith.

    It should be remembered too that, right of real shifa’at is granted by Allah the Exalted to Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and we saw its scenes in his life.....So Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) states it:
    “He can be proved shafee of hereafter, who had shown any model of shifat in world.” (in hereafter there will be shafi, it is said about Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, he will do shifat / intercession. He can be proven so who had shown model of shifat in world too) “thus when, by putting this standard before us, when we see Musa, he is proved as shafi because many times he stopped descending wrath by prayer, Torah is witness of this. Likewise when we see Hazrat Muhammad, Chosen one, (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) his being intercessor is seen ajlaa badihat (seen very clear and illumined). It was effect of his shifat he made poor sahabh sit on thrown. It was effect of his shifat that those people who had grown in idol worship and shirk, became such believer of one God, whose example is not seen in any era. And then it is effect of his shifat till now, his followers get true revelation of god. God converseswith them. But, in Messiah ibne Maryam, how and from where, these proofs can be found. What more stronger testimony will be for shifat of our Leader and Master Muhammad, Chosen one (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that what we get from God by the connection of that highness, our foes cannot get that. If our opponents come to this examination, decision can happen in few days”

    At the end of ayatul kursi two attributes of Allah the Exalted are mentioned i.e. Alii, Who has extremely high magnificence no one has higher splendor than His. He is Owner of earth and heavens, and He is Azim / great. The station of His Azmat and high splendor is such, at which no one can reach. His high splendor has covered every thing, nothing is out of his circle and coverage...Being Alii is his high splendor, Azmat is tha high splendoer where no one can reach. Azim also means He has covered everything, nothing is out his circle and coverage. It is His azmat and highness.

    Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explains last part of this verse: “About kursi of God the Exalted, this is verse ‘waseaa kursiyo hus-samawate wal arza wa la yaudohu hifzohoma wa ho wal aliyul azim’ i.e all earth and heavens are included in kursi of God the Exalted. He is carrying all of them, He does not get tired in carrying them, and He is extremely high, no wisdom can reach His reality, He is extremly big, all things are nothing before His Azmat / greatness. It is mention of kursi. It is merely metaphor, It is to point out that that earth and heavens, all are in possession of God and His station from all these is farther and His azmat has no end .”
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    (so this is that great God whose greatness has no edge and whose limits are limitless, He has no limit, He has covered everything. When human will have understanding of all these things and human read verses with understanding then he can come in lap and protection of Allah the Exalted. When human make effort to come in protection of Allah the Exalted, he make effort to pay rights of Allah and His servants, and that effort should be made. When these right will be fulfilled, Allah the Exalted continues to protect. ..So this is the subject which we should keep before us, as Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has guided who read these verses he will be in protection of Allah the Exalted. It is not enough to only reading these verses, but there is need to ponder at their subject and own these things. There is need to get that understanding, which Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said about these verses and Holy Quran explained it at many places and then Hazrat promise Messiah (on whom be peace) explained for us. If these things will be understood then human will be in protection of God the Exalted by His fazl. May Allah the Exalted enable us to live our lives according to it. (Aamin).

    Based on Friday sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help), 2 February, 2018, UK, and multi-langauges
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