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Memories of the 28th Century

Trump's Next Great Adventure.

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Trump has messed things up more than enough already, so we could tell him that he succeeded in making America Great again, and it's time to move on. For his next adventure he could turn around a "**** hole country", and I would suggest that he take on Eritrea.

Eritrea is such a wonderful place that many of its residents are trying to leave. It has been governed by a dictator for decades, and the standard of living is rather low. But Eritrea is a beautiful tropical place with beautiful beaches and snow capped mountains. One Eritrean I met said that they had four seasons in six hours, as one drives from the hot coastal lands through cooling foothills into the mountains. But no one has developed resorts to take advantage of the pleasures of the country, and that is Trump's specialty. The country is in horrible economic condition, so Trump could buy sites for his resorts quite easily, and workers are paid little or noting for their works, so construction costs would be low.

Eritrea is conveniently located for side trips to wonderful places in addition to the natural beauty of the country. To the West is Tigray Province of Ethiopia, where Axum, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Sheba was located. There are many monuments and ruins from the period, and Axum has been the home of the Ark of the Covenant since the time of the Queen of Sheba, who held the ark to keep it safe. To the South is the Great Rift Valley, where the Earth is splitting apart to for a new sea. There is a volcano that has been erupting continuously for centuries. And some of the hottest places in the world are in Ethiopia or Djibouti (formerly French Somalia).

The entire region is the original home of coffee, and tours of plantations and tastings of different local varieties could be huge draws. The Horn of Africa is one of the poorest regions of the world, so tours and vacations would be quite low priced, excellent for the budget conscious, and a dollar buys a lot there. Somaliland is nearby, and it a great supplier of livestock for the Arab world, so plenty of fresh meat would be available, and side trips there would allow vacationers to see how successful a country can be without any assistance from outside, because Somaliland has been completely on its own since 1991, when it defederated from Somalia after Siad Barre died. Even without any help Somaliland has managed to be more successful than Somalia.

But Eritrea has a government that Trump would love. President ISAIAS Afworki has been in power since 8 June 1993, and in addition to being president, he is both chief of state and head of government and is head of the State Council and National Assembly.

It is a small, dry, weak country without much going for it. The economy is weak, and the political system doesn't help. The GDP per capita is $1400, and the country has a population of about 6,000,000, so the economy would feel a strong effect if Trump bought part of the sea coast and put in a resort. The official unemployment rate is only 8.6 %, but many people have emigrated, which distorts the rate. Considering how well some foreign companies have paid workers (see link to news) Trump's pay would be very welcome.

There are already some small resorts, but nothing of the size and style that Trump would build. With his background Trump would be welcome as an advisor to the President; although the president of Eritrea is somewhat more successful at running the country as he wishes, so Trump could learn a lot.

I wouldn't go to a Trump resort, but I think that plenty of people would, and that would be good for Eritrea. Almost anything Trump did there would be an improvement.

Can you think of any better things to do with Trump?

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  1. kiz_paws's Avatar
    OMG, Peter, do NOT sic "the Donald" on the people of Eritrea ,,,
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kiz_paws
    OMG, Peter, do NOT sic "the Donald" on the people of Eritrea ,,,
    But it's already one of the poorest countries in the world, and they have had the same president for life since 1993. The Donald might be an improvement. That's what I would hope. He might even improve their lives, and they alreaduy have companies that don't pay their employees, so he won't introduce new ideas.
  3. tonywalt's Avatar
    My bet is he'll continue to invest in europe and north america - for reasons that are self-evident to all who know of him.
  4. PeterL's Avatar
    That's a good bet, but Eritrea was made for him