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Predictions for the New Year

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I must admit I quite enjoyed doing my advent blog again and I figured it’d be nice to wrap up the year with another.

I usually get depressed around this time. Either still depressed from Christmas, after Christmas or thinking about the past year and the oncoming new one depresses me. But at the moment I’m feeling pretty okay. Sort of not happy and not sad but comfortable.

So. Predictions for the year
- Some famous figure will die, possibly right after the new year or not long after
- There will be a wave of “must see” films that are “better than” the last thing which was actually crap but the critics lapped it up and the mindless masses watched in their droves and insist it was amazing
- The last point will also apply to a tv show but on a smaller scale but it might not be utter crap, it might just be edgy but lacking in actual plot and character development or have an ending that is either confusing, doesn’t really end, asks more questions than it answers (because they think it’ll get another series) or makes me depressed because characters die or it didn’t end the way I thought it would
- somewhere in the world there will be a disaster, be it natural or manmade, and it will be “the biggest humanitarian crisis” and we’ll forget about the other crisis’s that are still going on and aren’t resolved but are no longer “the big one”.
- We will still be hearing about “Brexit” still dragging on with barely any progress being made
- Some famous figure will say or do something sexist/racist and/or generally offensive that everyone will be outraged by but will be mostly forgotten by the masses once something else comes up
- A new “must have” gadget will come out which is vastly superior to the previous model in every way just because they’ve made a little adjustment like making it thinner or making the screen bigger and the processing power is only slightly improved
- Similarly there will be a new toy and/or franchise that the children will go crazy for and will drive parents insane
- A multitude of new crazes will sweep the world (of people who have far too much time on their hands) be it a fashion trend, a “new” way of doing something or a “challenge”
- Some obscure person/persons will rise to the rank of “celebrity” for doing nothing special
- An individual/group or organisation will gain publicity from committing an act of violence which results in a loss of life/multiple lives or only results in injuries but it still shakes everyone up
- There will be a big event that brings people together (Possibly as a result of the above)
- There will be a big new scientific breakthrough that could have big implications that we’ll never hear of again
- There will be a new pop song that everyone loves

More may follow but I haven’t eaten yet so I’m distracted.

Now the year as it relates to me

- I will get depressed but bounce around between happy, sad and normal
- I will start a new regime for a short time and give up (be it diet, exercise or hobby related)
- I will fixate on something that doesn’t really matter and get over it
- I’ll have an idea for something that won’t go anywhere (either because it’s bad or because I’m too lazy to do anything about it)
- I’ll find a new show that I really like and/or a new series will be released which will either stay brilliant or decline in quality (it can go either way but the longer it goes on for the greater the chance of it declining)
- I’ll do some writing but nowhere near as much as I should
- Someone will dump their rubbish at the end of the street and the neighbouring streets because they’re too lazy to dispose of it properly

More may follow but distracted.

Now not a prediction but a fact.

- I will turn 30. It is not the end of the world, even though it’s another reminder of another year gone and being another year closer to death. But that’s just life.

So. This year. I can guarantee. Things will happen. Some good. Some bad but most mundane and forgotten in a flash.

Happy New Year to all. I hope your year is filled with more good than bad and that even the mundane is at least nice.

Here I will add a riddle for you from my Penguin Book of Puzzles;
What of all things in the world is the longest, the shortest, the swiftest, the slowest, the most divisible and the most extended, most regretted, most neglected, without which nothing can be done, and with which many do nothing, which destroys all that is little and ennobles all that is great?

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    You're going to turn 30! Goodness I remember when you were a kid. I'm afraid to mutter my age. You'll have to look it up. I assume it's there on my profile.

    Here's to your best year yet, Blue. Happy New Year!
  2. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Happy New Year ! (Time?)
  3. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tailor STATELY
    Happy New Year ! (Time?)
  4. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil
    You're going to turn 30! Goodness I remember when you were a kid. I'm afraid to mutter my age. You'll have to look it up. I assume it's there on my profile.

    Here's to your best year yet, Blue. Happy New Year!
    I kind of still am a kid. My attitude doesn’t really reflect my age