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And On Christmas Day

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A bell.
So I figured out why I always get depressed on Christmas Day without fail.

Itís not just because me and my dad donít get on. Itís not that heís a bad person though. Donít go thinking that. Itís just because we donít interact with each other more than a couple of times a year so he doesnít know how to deal with me (because I am a sensitive creature).
Itís not just that though. Tiredness adds more kindling so to speak. So just one tiny spark and thatís it. Iím always tired. Iíve just had another nap so Iím awake enough for this now. I tried to have a little nap before Doctor Who but that was just an eye rest really.
Remember I told you about the nice furry cushion I got a while ago. Iíve been using it for naps at my desk. Itís very nice but my arm does still go numb from leaning on it but not as quickly as when I donít have a cushion.

I started being annoyed with my dad because Iíd tried for about 3 hours to get to sleep until I actually did, only to be woken by my phone ringing 10 minutes before Iíd set my alarm for 9am. A little late since I still had to hoover and stick up the decorations but it shouldnít take me that long I figured. I ignored it, hoping to get a little snooze time at least. He called the house and mum got up which was very unfair on her as sheíd only just gone to bed because sheíd been up late plucking the turkey (she made me go to bed before she got round to doing the turkey so I wasnít there to help). I told her to ignore it for 10 minutes. Then he called me again then the house again and she went down to answer it. Heíd be round in half an hour because he wanted to beat the traffic of all the people going to church.

So because of that mum and I didnít have our traditional little slice of Christmas morning. So I saved it for after heíd gone. And I held two little things back that Iíd got mum so that I could open the little bag of things sheíd got me and she could open the only things that I actually went out and bought myself. Iím holding the last thing (because it was a 3 for 2 at the time) for her birthday. Satsuma hand cream and hand sanitiser. I know it seems a silly thing but she got them earlier in the year and really liked them so I filed that information away for Christmas.

Seriously? Last year we were at my uncleís for about 2 hours and half the time was spent saying nothing and watching a Carry On film because it was on and there was nothing else to do.
It was exactly the same this year except it was a boring wild west film.

Mum padded the chair with a dog bed again and he didnít notice/complain. He peed a lot during the day which was suspicious because he hadnít drunk anything at our house of my uncleís. He was the same last year and wonít hear of prostate problems even though frequent peeing is a warning sign. But mention of that (and that he wouldnít go for all that) brought up the fact that a friend of his had various issues, a colonoscopy and had benign tumours removed from his bowels. Charming.

Dinner (I call it dinner but itís lunch really) was good as usual. Unwrapping of gifts followed before Doctor Who. My dad received 2 sets of thermals, socks, a metal mug (so he can use it for various things), a measuring tape that he requested that mum got from work at an employee discount and a very useful and versatile work light that he kept playing around with.

Mum received a bottle of Baileys, M&S gift card, a chocolate orange, a Baileys mug, coconut chocolate sweets that she likes, a packet of flying saucers because I know she likes them, some snug socks because she always complains of cold feet and a furry/fleecy pyjama top with a hood because I know she gets cold in the mornings (sheís been wearing it the whole time and looks very comfy).

For myself were internet security, Assassin Creed, a M&S gift card, snug reindeer (what I like to call) over pyjamas (because when itís cold I wear thinner pyjamas with thicker ones on top which I usually take off at bed time so I donít overheat in my sleep), a new diary, earphones (for some reason mum keeps getting them even though I havenít used them yet because my old ones still work), two pairs of long socks (because I can never get the length of sock I prefer), an i tunes gift card (because I donít like to have i tunes connected to a bank account in case of hackers/scammers), a jigsaw puzzle (we get one every year), a fun blanket with a hood and bunny ears which Iíve been wearing the whole time (it goes with my bunny slippers even though itís dark grey and my slippers are sandy) and some chocolate salted caramel pinecones that I was curious about but couldnít find a price for in the store so left them be (but the price was actually reasonable) because I have a thing for salted caramel these days (though I find most to be lacking in the level of saltiness I like).

The dog has a nice new dog bed that she seems to like very much

I think thatís everything. But it shouldnít matter too much if Iíve missed anything out.
Itís been a nice day.

Itís been very windy today and itís been raining and I have to take the dog out and itís almost midnight but at least she doesnít seem desperate to go out. Christmas tends to mess up our timings of things but itís alright (as long as the dog doesnít suffer for it).
Iím going now.


  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Thatīs a valiant journal BB. I often get depressed at this time of the year, maybe because one is supposed to be specially happy during the season of end of year festivities.
    My best wishes for a Happy New Year.
    What are the flying saucers your mother got for Christmas? A kind of sweets?
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    You have to find something in common with your dad. It seems like you regress into a father/child relationship, and while that may be good for most I think it locks you into a fixed pattern where you two don't relate to each other. Maybe if you could think of him in other terms, such as equals as adults. You're an adult now. Try to relate to him as if he's some other than your father. I know, it's probably harder than it sounds. But if you want a better relationship with him, one of you needs to break the pattern thats been ongoing. And he's probably not going to do it.

    I hope you still had a good holiday, and have a happy new year. Peace, my friend.