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If I start it on the 24th it Still Counts

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A little candle.
So Iím still not done and itís just rolled over to Christmas Day.



The tableís cleared at least. Thatís not normally finished until just before dinner. So thatís a win.
Really really need to hoover but itís midnight and the hooverís very loud. Donít think the neighbours will be happy with that.
Iíve finally fixed the candle stick. Well the holder I should say.

There have always been these four little decorations around the bottom and they represent the four seasons, which Iíve always loved but usually, when I mention it, mum goes they donít do they? Yes they do. Surely the one with white holly leaves and silver berries and the one next to it having gold leaves and a little red apple would give you a clue. Itís a plastic representation of a sprig of leaves/branches, a pinecone and berries/fruit. Spring is half green and white with a little green plastic pine cone and a pear and summer is a bigger pine cone that is actually real and a little red ball to represent the growing apple. Iíve always loved it but each individual sprig is stuck on with a big blob of very old blu tack. And since we donít put it away anymore and just leave it on the table all year itís been getting jostled over the year.
This year they mostly fell off and were looking a bit worse for wear. And I got some gardening wire earlier in the year that I havenít used yet. It was for a project I thought of but havenít tried yet. So I decided to do away with the blu tack and wire them together. Itís not come out perfectly but itís nice. At least as nice and/or nicer than before. So thatís nice.

I was looking for something today and was quite surprised but shouldnít be surprised really.

I was looking for a detail from last Christmas day, since I usually write something.
One in November and then you didnít see me until July.

I can only remember two things to note from Christmas Day.

Firstly I made giblet gravy. It was alright but I had to add gravy granules to improve the flavour which kind of defeats the purpose of making gravy. The boiled giblets still went out for the foxes and were gone the next day. When mum brought the gravy in I was studying my dads face to see his reaction. So the turned to me and whispered funny looking gravy. I was originally a little annoyed and defensive but he didnít know that Iíd made it and was just looking to make conversation. I was okay with it really.

The other thing to note was how mum made the armchair more comfortable for him, since he usually has a problem with it.
So while me and him were out and after sheíd come back with the dog.

Just realised how much my desk still smells like grapefruit disinfectant. I sprayed it on to clean up after doing the candle thing. I scraped off all the old wax too and I think there was some soot in there because when I wiped it up it left black streaks on my desk. So I decided to go in with a liquid rather than an gel, like I normally do.

She tried to arrange the cushions several times but nothing worked. In the end she had an evil yet brilliant idea.
After weíd come home and heíd sat down, comfortable, I was walking around talking to him and I noticed something that stopped me mid-sentence. I saw a corner of one of the dog beds poking out from under the throw. Without a word I scuttled into the kitchen, shut the door and asked in a hushed voice. Did you put the dog bed on the chair? Yes. Sheíd put both of them on the chair.
Well. It killed two birds with one stone. We made the table into a den for the dog by putting her old beds under it. She really likes her den. But we have to use it as a table again for Christmas day and we need to put the beds somewhere.
If he noticed he didnít say anything. I doubt he noticed. Him being him he would have said something if he had noticed.

I had more things to say but Iíll leave it here.