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Day 23 on Christmas Eve?

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Okay. So this is getting ridiculous now. Itís about 10 to 8am and itís Christmas eve now. YOU HAVE ONE DAY LEFT!

ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready yet? Because I sure as heck arenít.
Only things to do are tidy and finish decorating but if youíd seen my house youíd know that those two things are no small feat.
Mumís collecting the turkey tomorrow.
How awful would it be if the butcher (yes we get a butcher turkey, not a frozen one. Our freezer doesnít work anyway. The story goes that mumís family had frozen until she won/earnt a raw turkey from work and since then they had fresh from a butcher turkey and mum has carried that through ever since. Besides, I donít know if you get frozen turkeys in our size. We like a big turkey, even though weíre a small family because we feast on the leftovers in sandwich form for the next week or two. And the giblets will be going outside for the foxes). Anyway. How awful would it be if the butcher ran out of turkeys even though mum placed and order and has a ticket for it. Itís being held by my guarding dragon. His name is Imperial and he holds small but important items so we know where we are.

I would ramble more but itís super late and Christmas Day is going to be super draining, I can already tell, since it looks like Iíll only have an hour of sleep the way Iím going at the moment.

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