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Day 22

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A bit too late again but never mind.
A snowman.

Iíve picked up a knitting project that Iím not sure if I can do in time.
Back when the first new arrivals came into the family, some years ago now, I started knitting a teddy bear onesie for the baby boy. Heís not a baby any more and is far too old for it now, but baby Simon should be just the right age. I just have to sew it together.
Either about the same time or just a little after I started it mum decided to do a pink one for a baby girl. I think it was actually for a work colleague. She started but, predictably never finished it. At the time I thought the timing was pretty perfect because we then had a baby girl in the family and if we could finish both in time the babies would be just the right age for them. Well. It didnít work out that way and Iíve been at it on and off just for something to do.
But the same set of circumstances has come round again.
We now have a baby boy just the right age for the one that I just need to sew together and we have a baby girl just the right age for the one mum started. So if I could finish that one too then I could present them together at Christmas.
I know that youíre thinking.
Blue, it took you several years to do the first one and itís technically not finished. How can you possibly do a second one in just over a week, what with Christmas and all as well?

Well. Itís a smaller size, so that should help greatly and if I fail then I fail.
Just one problem.
I didnít know how far mum had gotten. Not very far as it turns out and I think she messed up at the end. So yesterday I had to unravel a couple of rows to get to a point I could recognise but I was able to pick up from there very easily.
But only about half of the back is done. The legs are attached at least but Iíll have to finish the back, do the front, sleeves, feet and ears and sew it all together and that is assuming that I donít run out of wool like with my blue one. In regard to that I came up with a solution. I found a close enough colour match in a knitting magazine so I just need to sew it together now and hope for the best. The stitchingís on the inside so it shouldnít be too obvious.
But there is one other problem that can either help of hinder this process. The thing I was worried about will be happening over Christmas. But I should be over the worst of it for Christmas day and either finished or finishing by the time I see my family so it could be much worse. Iíve had them for 16 years now so itís not the end of the world anymore.

But onto more pleasant things.
I put up some more cards and some little decorations. Still have a bunch of decorating to do and even more tidying up to do. Weíll work it out somehow.
Also Iím staying up too late, as displayed here at 6:55am when I need to be preparing myself to get up at some ungodly time Christmas morning. Yes. Morning. Oh the horror. Is there such a thing as dramatic sarcasm? Because if so imagine I said that with that tone.

One more little update.
Apparently the little girl of my mumís colleague was very happy with her present. She likes unicorns. It turns out that sheís kind of always wanted a Rubikís cube (and by chance there were little ones with dinosaur footprints in the party favour toys I picked up and put in there) so she was very happy with that. And she and her dad spent about half an hour playing tiny connect 4 (another one of the things Iíd got). It canít have been easy though because I tested it and, as itís only a cheap little novelty item, itís quite poorly constructed and one of the tiny counters got stuck and I had to push it out with a nail file. But I guess that kind of thing doesnít bother children as much. Iím glad it made her happy.

That is all. Iím tired.