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Day 20

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Itís an elf. I think.
So I was going to do this earlier but I forgot. Itís now the 21st so thereís only four days to go. Are you panicking yet?
My thoughts today have mainly been occupied with a 17 item shopping list. Thatís 6 items that made it onto the board in the kitchen (I stuck a little whiteboard to the freezer last year. We mainly use it to note down items we need to get since weíre usually in the kitchen when we realise we want more of an item) about 5 things relating to Christmas day. The rest either relating to something relating to Christmas or just something else we were short of that I forgot last week.

I also cleaned out the kitchen cupboard today so that took up most of my time. You see we keep food mainly in two cupboards. Earlier in the year I got sick of things sticking to what ever had leaked in one of them and eventually cleaned it out. There were a lot of old tins that made their way to the back and a bunch of other things. But I cleared it out. Problem solved. But I left the one next to it for another day.
Now the other one has been leaking for a while. Itís a sticky blackish brown goo that doesnít have any particular smell so itís hard to distinguish, save for the strong smell of metal. Itís been dripping on and off for a while. First from the top and down the door. We finally sorted out that. Recently itís been leaking from the bottom, conveniently right were we keep the measuring jugs. Originally it spilled on the bread but once Iíd cleared that up and realised the gunk was coming from the cupboard and not a bread product so rotten it had turned to goop I put a jug under it.
Then I had a rummage and thought Iíd found the problem. All sorted.
But no. It started leaking again and we have tins in there, recent ones and I know the liquid will eventually eat through the can if I donít do something. Itís not like a tap with a constant drip drip. Itís more viscous than that so it drops slowly. It can take days to drop. So today I finally decided to dig around in there. I found someÖ..things.
The culprit on the bottom shelf was either a can of black cherry filling or a can of grapefruit salad at the very back. My moneyís on the grapefruit because the can was really stuck and seems to have warped the wood a little. I didnít dare check the use by dates. I looked at one, wondering if I should do what I did last time and open the cans to empty them but the first can I looked at was swollen at the top and bottom and I decided to wasnít going to deal with that today so tossed it in the bin, can and all. The bin ended up being EXTREMELY heavy and the binmen arenít coming next week because itís Christmas Day. Oh joy.
Eventually I cleaned the bottom shelf, using more sprays of grapefruit disinfectant than was probably needed. I was going to leave it there but saw goo on the top shelf too and figured while I was there I might as well.

The top shelf was even more surprising. There was a can that had been there as long as I can remember. Blue with orange pieces. Either canned satsumas or clementines. This can was thoroughly stuck and when I finally managed to wrench it loose I heard a metal snap and noticed how light the can was. A shard of it had stayed stuck to the shelf but there was no need to worry because it had no liquid at all. And why not you may ask? Because it had a rusty hole in the side, before the piece broke off. The contents had eroded the can over time. Fascinating and disgusting.
There were a lot more spider and flour weevil corpses up there and a packet of Rowntreeís jelly encased in mould. Lovely. I had to pry that loose with a spoon. Standing on a stepladder to do so I must add.

There were multiple sachets of Options hot chocolate (I used to have that I lot when I was little) with many many little holes in. I guess the weevils like hot chocolate at well as sachets of powdered soup with under the sea themed pasta shapes for children. We had a couple of those but I donít ever remember having eaten them. I had pasta shapes in sauce from a can many times. Donít remember instant soup though. We also had, for some unknown reason, a tin of hot dogs right at the back. Not really a tinned hot dog kind of person. Only recently started having packaged hot dogs now and then but always chicken because I know I like chicken. Never much liked regular hot dogs though. Always tasted metallic to me.

The oddest thing I found by far, aside from a jar of black cherry filling (to go with the 2-3 cans Iíd already found) was a very old Tupperware box of red split lentils which I used to see on the floor now and then as a child in various places and wondered what the heck they were. It was only until I was old enough to pay attention to packages, usually in the pasta section I think but itís changed now, that I learnt what they were. There were other boxes and a teapot but I couldnít see if anything was in the other boxes. They were right in the corner anyway so I decided to leave them alone, they werenít hurting anyone.

So now we have a nice clean cupboard in which to put things so we can actually have a workspace in the kitchen again. Well, until it gets filled up with things we forget about again. I wonder what Iíll find back there in 10 years time.

There was another thing occupying my mind later in the day. Mum wanted to get a little something for the daughter of one of her work colleagues. Apparently he was called yesterday because sheíd been rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis and left abruptly to be with her bit itís okay. Sheís relatively okay. Apparently itís flu or something but the doctors think sheís over the worst of it so she should be fine. But apparently this little girl has been ill over Christmas before. Last year Iím told the whole family came down withÖdigestive issues (I suspect food poisoning, itís nasty). If a child stops and says they donít want to open presents any more on Christmas day you know somethingís wrong. So mum wanted to get her a little something. Sheís had her eye on a unicorn onesie for the past month. She was thinking of getting some for the kids at Christmas but decided against it. But like me sheís stubbornly held onto an idea until itís no longer possible. We looked for one but, predictably, they didnít have any this week. So in the end we got her a colouring book set and an activity magazine. And I used this opportunity to acquire little party favour items to put in the mystery box for the kids this year and picked out one of every item for the girl as well.
So rather than something warm to snuggle up in, which was our original intention, weíve got her various little activities to occupy her while she recovers. And the unicorn wrapping paper I got a while ago (it was on sale) has finally been used. I got it with a dinosaur paper and planned to use it for the kidís birthday cards and if I ever had occasion to give them a wrapped gift outside of Christmas. It hasnít happened yet but Iím ready for when it does.
So tomorrow the little girl will have a, hopefully, nice surprise early Christmas gift, with a sparkly bow for added flare.

Oh and finally.
Mum brought my biscuit tin back from work. In the end I stopped at the gingerbread because there was no more room in the tin. I didnít ice them in the end. Apparently they went down very well so thatís nice.

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