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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Right Way to Live

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Peace and mercy of Allah be on you....Translation (Holy Quran ch3:v15) 'Beautified for people, is the love of desired things — women and children, and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and branded horses and cattle and crops. That is the provision of the worldly life; but it is Allah with Whom, is an excellent place of return.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (may Allah be his Helper) explained that, Allah the Exalted has drawn the scene or described this state of those who forget Him and the gain world becomes their only goal. When human forgets God the Exalted, Satan captures him. ......Though, all these things are created by God the Exalted and are among His bounties. Benefits should be drawn from these. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) clearly said that it is wrong too, to be separated from worldly affairs, marriages are essential and it is Sunnah, likewise there are other works, Sahabah too would do those. Some Sahabah possessed properties of tens of millions but they were not facing the world.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says: "Remember that it is not at all the will of God that you completely desert the world. Rather His will is ‘qad aflahaa man zakkahaa’ i.e. he who cleansed his self he obtained his purpose....Do trade, do farming, do employment and do craftsmanship, whatever you like, do. But keep stopping self from disobedience of God the Exalted and make such purification that these matters do not make you unmindful of God the Exalted..........The rights of the self are permissible but immoderations of the self are not permissible."

Thus, a believer should always keep this thing before him that love of worldly things should not be such which should make forget God the Exalted as Allah the Exalted said in this verse, ‘zue-ye-linnase hubbush-shahwa’ i.e. for people, love of desired-things is beautified. ...Detail is given onward which are things.

Such people do not need these things just for sustenance but it is mention of those human who are sunk in the love of earthliness and care only these things.

‘shahwah’ means an intense desire or craving for something and continue to think about it all time. It also denotes a thing or a goal, which is merely based on desires of self, filthy. Increased sexual desire is also called ‘shahwa’.

Thus, when Allah said here, that the love of such things is put in the heart of human, this love is not from Allah the Exalted; it is not the issue to get benefit from His bounties. Rather it is from Satan; it is not ordinary craving or liking or beauty. The craving and desire of this beauty is up to the extent that person always become restless to get it, he has unusual love for these worldly things.

When person drowns in these things upto such extent, then these thing do not remain bounties of Allah the Exalted rather these are satanic desires. The person adopts every non-permissible method, if needed, to get these things.

We commonly see in earthly people that, for wealth, worldly rank and illicit relation with women, these people cross all limits. Even if they wed, they do so to get wealth, they desire to find a wealthy wife. Similarly, in other matters, merely wealth is before eyes.

Despite, Allah the Exalted has given Muslims such a beautiful and pure teaching and also warned them to avoid these things i.e. they should not go to the such extent that these earthly things become purpose of their life because these are temporary means of this world. Be conscious, you will have to return to God the Exalted....Yet, we see majority of muslims are perusing worldly things and have forgotten the aim of their life. Religious scholars, national leaders, and each person who get chance, they make effort to obtain earthly things by any possible means. When such desires are developed in leaders of nation, people and countries begin to suffer losses.

Current state of discord in muslim countries is in accordance, as stated by Allah the Exalted that they would go away from Deen and they have gone. Their leaders get government with shout of serving people but later do such loot with both hands which is beyond imagination. Religious scholars less worry about condition of Deen of people, their real effort is to make people follow them in the name of Deen, and to come in government, amass wealth and make estates. Though they use name of Allah but no manifestation of fear of Allah is seen by their deeds.......Muslim leaders are cutting muslim common people like carrot and daikon, human life have no value for them, but they do not leave government. Such acts are being taking place in many countries, their effort is to keep clinging in governments and keep showing powers and keep amassing wealth. But their appetite is not satisfied by anyway.

What is the reason, though many muslims countries have wealth, oil and natural resources, but poor is becoming poorer..... Only princes, riches leaders have good conditions, they spend millions of dollars in one day. These people gain wealth by illegal ways or by usurping rights of poor, and spend in illicit ways too.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) prayed, May Allah the Exalted give wisdom to such rulers, kings and self-seeking ones, that they use wealth in proper way instead of amassing wealth..... By doing so, as they shall get pleasure of God the Exalted, they shall also have a power in terms of world. Non-muslims powers would listen to them instead of forcing them to follow and showing flamed eyes....(Huzur a . t. mentioned recent middle east developments and said) mutual fights of muslim countries and internal unrests give non-muslims powers chances to do whatever they want.

Muslim countries should tell the worldly powers that they stand with each muslim country thus they shall not accept action against any muslim country......But muslim countries went away from commandments of Allah the Exalted to get benefit of temporary means of world. Now result of it is coming, worldly powers are keep monopolizing.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) gives example of those people who only keep seeking world and want to fulfill worldly desires, as the person who finds delight and calm in itching but actually he hurt his skin and body, some are bled.

So the worldly things, which person desires more than needed, eventually make means of unrest. These people think their power is increasing or their groups are enlarging. Actually, they draw their own blood. Displeasure of Allah the Exalted is additional.

Allah the Exalted stated this subject in other verse as:

(ch57:v21) 'Know that the life of this world is only a sport, and such a mean to fulfill desire of self which makes careless from high-aim, and an adornment, and a source of boasting among yourselves, and to make effort to compete with each other in riches and children. This (life) is like the rain, the vegetation produced whereby rejoices the infidels. So it grows quickly. Then you see it turns yellow; then it becomes broken pieces of straw. And in the Hereafter there is severe punishment, and also forgiveness from Allah, and His pleasure. And the life of this world is nothing but temporary enjoyment of deceitful things.'

Hence, it is the duty of a believer to seek maghferat and pleasure of Allah the Exalted, instead of doing all efforts to be proud of worldly things and to get them. He should not destroy his life by being like patient of itching.

Drawing the scene of state of this worldly life and its means, once Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said in a gathering: “ As much as the person is clear of dilemma (efforts for worldly desires), by that much his desires are fulfilled. Fire exists in the bosom of person with dilemma and he falls in trouble. In the life of this world, it is comfort too, to have salvation from dilemma. It is said, a rider was going on horse, a beggar was sitting in path, he had barely covered his privates, rider asked him, ‘sain-gi (master) how are you?’. Poor replied, how is the state of the one whose all desires are fulfilled. The rider was astonished, how your all desires are fulfilled? Poor said when all desires are discarded, it is as if all desires are fulfilled... Essence of talk is that when one wants to get everything, trouble comes but when leaves everything by contentment, it is as getting everything. Salvation and escape is this, that there should be delight, not misery. Life of misery is not good; neither of this-world and nor of that-world. This life will end anyway, because it is like pieces of ice, no matter keep it secure in cloths and boxes of any kind, but it keeps melting. Likewise, no matter what measures are taken to keep life established but it is true thing that it continues to finish and daily some difference keep taking place. In the world, there are doctors and curer too but no one has written prescription-for-life. When people become elderly, some people come to make them happy and say yet what is your age! Human remain entangled in deceptions of self, with desire of having age. We see ages in world that after 60, body-powers tends to be fully tender. He is very fortunate who reaches age 80 / 82 and body-powers remain good up to some extent, otherwise majority become semi-fool. Then people neither include him in consultation, nor light of wisdom and brain remain in him. Sometimes women too oppress elderly of such age, sometimes forget to give them meal (people of house too sometime mistreat some people). The problem is, human in youth, remains careless, and does not remember death (likewise when person has authority, he thinks this state is permanent), adopt bad works, and when understands in end, then he cannot do anything. In short, consider this youth-age sufficient (Hazrat Promised Messiah a .s. advised the person who was sitting there in gathering) As much intentions, you made in your life, some of them have been fulfilled, but visualize now by thinking that they were like a bubble which immediately diminish and nothing comes in hand. There is no benefit by past ease. By imagining it, pain increases. From this, lesson is drawn for wise that human should be son-of-time (i.e. should recognize time and move accordingly). The life of human – it is that which he has. The time which is past, it is dead. Its imaginations are useless. Look! When one is in lap of mother, how happy is he, everyone picks and toddle. That time is such as it is paradise. And visualize by remembering, where is that time. (it passed, worldly things are temporary, eases are temporary, so if one get eases, authorities, governments he should keep these advices before) How times are found again!....(a hikayat) It is written a king was going, he wept when saw some little boys. Since left this sohbat, found pain. (He wept because little children are playing and are free of every worry and he remembered his childhood, what was that time and now such is time! Kings too have no peace and rest despite eases. There should be realization). The time of old-age is bad, at that time dear ones too want he should die, and body-powers die before death. (some relatives are such hard hearted that, by seeing condition of sick or old age, they say what burden he has put on us.)..Teeth fall, eyesight is lost, no matter what happens, eventually he become stoned-model, face is deformed, some get such illnesses that eventually commit suicide. (We see it happens in era. Human has no yet when he is geting power, when there is youth, when there is time to gain wealth, there is power, then he forgets what is going to happen to me.) Sometimes, he suddenly gets inflicted in pain, from which he wants to escape. And if progeny is not good, he gets more pain. At that time, he understands, he made mistake and age passed like it. (at that time he remembers it was better to follow commandments of Allah the Exalted and life should have been lived according to these, instead of forgetting Allah the Exalted by indulging in world. Many Pharaohs and Hamaans passed, if person ponder at their lives, many big people came, but their worldly magnificent could not give them any benefit. There were governments, which were more powerful than today’s governments in terms of authorities but all vanished.). Wise is the one who pays attention to God, understands God is One, there is none with Him. We have seen by experience, neither Devi nor Devta, none helps. If he does not bow towards God the Exalted only, then no one have mercy for him, if any calamity falls no one takes care, thousands of troubles come to human. So remember, there is none except One Lord, He is One Who puts affection in the heart of mother too and if He did not created her heart like this, she could not have raise like that. That is why do not make associate with Him.”
People take physical goddesses, idols and worldly objects such as wealth, children, power, government, friendships, powerful nations as partners with Allah the Exalted, He said hell become abode such people.
Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says to remember well that the person who becomes for God the Exalted, God the Exalted becomes his. God the Exalted does not come in the deception of anyone...Ornament and love of world is the root of all mistakes. By being blind in it, human leaves humanity and does not realize what I am doing and what I should have done. In the state, wise human cannot be deceived by anyone, how Allah the Exalted can be deceived by someone. But root of such bad deeds is love of world. And the greatest sin which have made muslims in destructive condition at this time, and in which they are embroiled, is this very love of worldliness. People are stuck in this very sadness in sleep, waking, rising, sitting, walking and strolling. And they do not have concern and thought about that time when shall be placed in grave. If such people had fear of Allah the Exalted and kept little worry about Deen, they could have gotten a lot of benefit.
So it is duty of a momin that instead of worring about worldliness, he should make effort to make his hereafter good and get love of Allah the Exalted. He should have contentment-in-less and use worldly means as bounties of Allah the Exalted but should not make them deity. Allah is our real deity, a momin should have the most love with Him. His love create Taqwa and contentment-in-less in human. Allah the Exalted has told the sign of momin that (translation) those who are momin they love Allah most of all.(from 2:166)

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