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Day Six

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Is a stocking.
To be honest don’t have much to say today.
It’s been a bit of an odd day because mum had the day off today so my timing’s off and we went shopping today too so only now have I opened my calendar.
I’ll add more if need be later.
Remind me to tell you about the cat on the roof. Not much to say but slightly notable.

So cat on the roof.
When I was cleaning my teeth before bed (because I do that properly now because I want clean teeth to wear my bite guard. Don’t want food all stuck up in there) at fast approaching 10am and heard an oddly loud noise. Not super loud but louder than usual. I’m used to hearing birds landing on the roof but this was different. So when I was done I looked out of my window and saw a cat perched on the edge of the roof perfectly content.
I would have been concerned but I have seen another cat there once before at night and it was fine.
The houses on the street are all connected and we’re at one end so even if the cat had gotten itself stuck up there chances are it wouldn’t be stuck for long if it just walked along the rooftops until it found a way back down.
So this time the cat was familiar. My old cat buds Kitten. Black and white with a puffy tail. I opened my window and it started to approach but the window wasn’t open enough for me to try and grab it if need be. Only if need be though. So I pushed the window open a little more than usual. It’s not used to that and let out an awful squeak. This startled the cat and the little beast just slinked off further up the roof away from me. Looked at me a little then eventually disappeared over the roof. Since my window is very dirty I decided to wash my hands again before bed and figured if I’m going to wash my hands again then I might as well pee again first.
Ever have that situation where you’ve peed all you can pee but you feel like you could pee a little more and if you give it five minutes you might even achieve a little trickle. I tend to drink a lot before bed and as an adult who is nearly thirty I do worry about wetting the bed.
I’ve been toilet trained for most of my life now thank you very much.
But, I think in my late teens/very early 20’s I had an accident and it still haunts me.
I needed to go and I dreamt that I’d actually woken up, got up out of bed, walked into the toilet and sat on it. So I had no worries. I was in exactly the right place to pee. Nothing to worry about. Everything completely normal. So I started peeing. It felt kind of odd. Then I woke up and realised what had happened.
Somehow peeing yourself as an adult feels so so shameful.
So I always try to make sure my bladder is empty before going to bed.

So once I was finally ready to go to bed I took a casual glance out of my window, just to be sure the cat wasn’t there.
Well it was but now it was on the ground passing through my garden perfectly normally.

So. That’s the cat on the roof.

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