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Funeral For A Friend

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No, this entry has NOTHING to do with Sir Elton John's music ....

One of the most difficult things that I have to contend with, as a musician, is performing music for someone close to me at life's end.

On Friday past, I played music for a friend. She succumbed to the horrid Cancer.... how her battle went on... She left to mourn her identical twin sister, her brother, her parents, her extended family...her friends....

It was piano music, played on the best grand piano money could buy...

Oh, the choices of something appropriate.... difficult indeed. But I feel, at the end of the day, I did her proud.

Well, to my poor dear friend, Dee, who is relieved at last from her pain, I leave this Haiku.

A final farewell
your journey here is over
till we meet again

Over and Out,

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  1. tonywalt's Avatar
    i am sorry Kizzo. I will have you in my thoughts.
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Merci, mon ami.
  3. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    My deepest sympathies.

    - tailor
  4. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss, kiz, but at least your friend doesn´t suffer from the illness any more.
  5. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Thank you, tailor and Danik.