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I miss spending time on these forums. Reading back over my blog entries makes me cringe, but also gives me a warm feeling of nostalgia. The people and the upheaval in my life at the time made this a special place for retreat and reflection.

I don't know if there is any going back to recapture these moments. Sometimes it's best to fondly look back and reminisce every so often. Or start afresh.

I'm an ecologist now. I'm still getting used to saying that without the imposter complex. Regardless, I feel successful right now. I finished a degree with honours, completed an internship with an awesome not-for-profit who then hired me. I'd love to hear about what everyone else has been up to. Who still haunts these halls?


  1. tonywalt's Avatar
    I'm still here. Been back quite a bit lately
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Hello, I also came back after a time away from LitNet.
    The place has changed quite a bit, but there are new and interesting people here. Some of my 'old' friends are still here, which was very nice to see.
    Welcome back to you!
  3. Dreamwoven's Avatar
    I have been her since 2010, love it.
  4. Psycheinaboat's Avatar
    Welcome back. I plan on spending time here again after being away for a long, long time.

    By the way, I appreciate your blogged thoughts.