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Going Gluten Free?

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Well, haven't visited my own Blog for how many years???

In any case, my hubby has decided that he would like to try going Gluten Free for a while, just to see if he feels better. He is not sick or anything, but he has this idea that going gluten-free will make him feel more energetic, etc.


[Note that our freezer is full of stuff that is certainly NOT gluten-free: i.e. breaded fish, Tourtiere (French meat pie), etc. etc.]

In any case, I bought a package of Organic Brown Rice Pasta, thinking that hubby could enjoy gluten-free spaghetti and sauce. I stayed with the 'regular' pasta, but made him a bowl of this rice pasta.

For the love of goodness -- what a gooey sticky MESS it was!!

I felt real sorry for hubby indeed. My pasta (I made regular semolina, white pasta for me) was perfect in all sense of the word, and unfortunately he had a delightful sauce atop a mess of glue ...

Has anyone else out there in LitNet land experienced this trauma in the kitchen???

If you have any helpful hints, i'd be much obliged.

K♥zzo as always

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  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Lol! I never tried gluten free pasta but maybe this link helps:
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Thank you so much, Danik! That link took me to a very witty cooking place indeed. And I think I know where I went wrong now... *blush*