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Memories of the 28th Century

It's None of My Business

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I looked at the news to day, and there was an article about people demonstrating against sharia law in the U.S. and people counter demonstrating. am not intimately familiar with sharia, but this is an example of people shoving their religion into other people's lives. Those demonstrations were all around the country. I also recently ran across a video about Dearborn, Michigan, which has become a target for Muslim immigrants. In Dearborn the population is already fifty percent Muslim, and apparently they want to impose their religious law on people of other religions, see link below. I don't what the religion of any person is. I consider it a completely personal matter, and my observation has been that no two people follow the same religious beliefs, even when they assert membership in the same religion.

When I was younger, and my mother would ramble on about religion, I was amazed to find that a large part of what she expressed wasn't part of Roman Catholic dogma, even though she espoused the Roman variety of Christianity. Her personal beliefs seemed to be somewhat pre-christian in nature. I have found the same thing among other Christians and people of other religions. I havenít been well acquainted with many Muslims, so I havenít had that experience, but there are so many interpretations of the Koran, and there are so many sects of Islam, that we can be pretty confident that few Muslims believe the exact same things as others, and Mohamed suggested that people treat that religion in that way, so there is not clergy, and no authority that determines the truth for Islam. And all Muslims ware encouraged to learn how to read and to make their own interpretations of the Koran.

I recently learned something that pushes that A little further along. It is uncertain whether the Koran was written in Syriac, Aramaic, or Arabic. Written Arabic was only developed in the 7th century CE, during the same period as Mohamed was preaching. Arabic then was written in Syriac script or the early Garshuni script. Syriac, Aramaic, and Arabic were all written in that script, and they are related languages, so things can be misinterpreted.

Sharia law, like the rules in Deuteronomy, are religious restrictions that are not intended to be applied to people who are not part of that religion. As I recall it, the Muslims when they were conquering always tried to ensure that there were some people who would not be converted, so that someone might do some of the things that were forbidden to Muslims. Similarly Christians have declared that they are getting all the benefits of Judaism without having to accept all of the restrictions. That is why the religious laws of the Old Testament were ever applied in Christian countries, unless someone wanted some of them.

As a religious person, I find it annoying when someone fails to obey one of my religious laws, but I realize that those laws are mine; they do not have objective reality, so I canít expect people of other faiths to respect those. And I do not obey the rules of other religions, because they are not part of my life.

If someone had shown objective proof that one religion was correct, then it might be different, but religions are short on objectivity, and individuals were told in the Koran that everyoneís interpretation is valid, so Muslims certainly have no business claiming that their religious rules must be followed by everyone; thatís how I interpret it.

I realize that some people will insist that I have written something that is contrary to their religion. At least it isnít the official religion, and I live in a country where there is no official religion, and I will endeavor to keep it that way. If you want to pray five times a day and treat women like cattle, thatís your business. but here in the U.S.A. thatís no how things are done.