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Memories of the 28th Century

Restoring Good Government

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Restoring Good Government

For decades I have read dire predictions of the decline of Western Civilization, and sometimes the predictions seemed almost persuasive, but when one looks carefully one finds only opinions supported by other opinions, like the Anthropogenic Climate Change arguments, as substantial as the stuffing of a hot air balloon. Often those predictions of the fall of Western Civilization express the desires of a few people and poor analysis of what has happening and what is happening. There are people trying to move to Europe and America to escape the results of not having the values of Western Civilization and the consequences of having been in a p-lace that has suffered from wars for millennia.

Here in the U.S.A. socio-political thought is usually divided between liberal (favoring freedom) and conservative (seeking to keep things as they are). Alas, neither side is either. The so-called liberals are mostly doctrinaire state socialists, and the so-called conservative want anything except retaining the status quo. There are liberals in this country, but we are a minor item. But I don't think that anyone wants to keep things as they are.

It actually looks like great numbers of Americans want to have a monarchy instead of a republican form of government. This desire can bee seen in the great affection that many people have for the British royal family, even though we booted them out two hundred fifty years ago. And and excess of interest is shown for notable, political families, such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers, Bushes, etc. The Kennedys are still accorded more respect than they merit, and there are even a few people who dote upon Trump's family.

But there are some people who seriously believe that the general public should have a voice in government, until you get down to details and show how many of the people chosen by the general population have gone on to pick the public pocket to enrich themselves and their own families and pals. And now we have the Trump family busily trying to enrich itself at the public expense; just think about his history in business. With that on the table, even the doubters will confess that having a single royal family certainly would be less costly than being robbed by the thousands of people who get into public office.

When the U.S.A. was founded, it was hoped (or expected) that it would be governed by the best people available, as the founders were at that time. It didn't take long before people who were far from the best started running the U.S.A., because the best wanted nothing to do with the self-serving greed that had entered the business. But running a country is a job, and people should be compensated.

Difficult and unpleasant as the job might be, I am willing to accept the position of emperor and clean the criminals out of government. In political philosophy, I am a Classical Liberal, and that will not change; politically, I am a Radical Reformer, and that means that I want to restore the original principles. I will not tell people how to think, except that they must allow others to think as they wish and act, as long as they do not interfere with the thoughts and actions of others. The right of all to think and live according to their beliefs is essential to Classical Liberalism which was the political philosophy of those who started this country and which I adhere to.

The U.S.A. probably would have been better of ab novo, if George Washington had accepted the position of monarch that was offered. If he and others had selected appropriate successors, then we would still have government by the best, instead of government by the most persuasive.

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