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Memories of the 28th Century

Pity Poor Trump or the Country

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While he is not poor in wealth, unless he is hiding some facts, he is poor in other ways. He is so small-minded that he lets criticism bother him, or does he realize that the criticisms are largely correct and he wants to drown them out? Was he fooled into running for president? That could be true, because he hadnít wanted the job; he just wanted more publicity.
Then thereís the matter of being cozy with the Russians. If he doesnít realize that he is being played for a fool, then he may not be quite as sharp as he seems to think that he is, but that should become apparent even to him within a few months. And thereís the matter of ignoring intelligence reports. What can he be thinking? The intelligence reports are the basis for a large part of how U.S. foreign policy operates.

It is pretty clear that Trump doesnít realize how much of a mess he is creating for himself. Even worse, he canít simply back out, or he wonít be able to back out after the inauguration. Someone in the Justice Department is already writing up the case against him, and history wonít be able to stop that.

Trump has painted himself into a corner, and his last way out is almost closed; he could renounce the election win and walk away, but thatís not how he operates. Trumpís style is to milk a situation for all he can, and then declare bankruptcy. Poor Trump will discover that putting the largest economy in the world into bankruptcy isnít as easy as it is o go into personal bankruptcy.

We will see, but he probably has been ling low, relatively speaking, so that he could try to figure out how the U.S. government operates. That will take a little more than a month to figure out, but he may, and when he does, the rest of us will hear.

I don't know who persuaded him to stay in the race, but I'm glad I'm not that person. The winner of all this might end up being Mike Pence, who was selected because he was thought to be easy to order around. He won't manage to do much of anything, but he won't be following many orders.

The fiasco of Trump after a series of unprepared or self serving people in the presidency might be enough to get the U.S. to switch to a monarchy. George Washington didn't want tat job, but I think he would try to get someone to take the position, if e were faced with the situation we are in now. For about the first forty years of this federal republic there were few candidates for the presidency who were not capable of the job and worthy of the position. Since Eisenhower there haven't been any presidents who were worthy of the position (I realize that many people will disagree with that, but opinions vary).

There are people in this country who are capable and worthy, but most of them wouldn't want to be president, and the few who have run were not well received. Just running for s political position lowers one in the eyes of most people, because politicians are regarded as one of the least honest professions. There are several possible ways to run the country well, but all would require major changes in the form of government, and going to a parliamentary system probably would be the most generally acceptable alternative. Another alternative that might work would be breaking the country up. My favorite alternative is still switching to a monarchy, but that would not be Trump.

I started this feeling sorry for Trump; he is in a position that he will have to find a way out of, but the country is losing more, and as a whole we have more to lose in the future. I do think that changing the form of government would help, but how? What government does the U.S.A. deserve?


  1. MANICHAEAN's Avatar
    Peter. Have you sounded out the Queen? Its not too late I'm sure.

  2. PeterL's Avatar
    It's too late. They aren't getting it back.