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Memories of the 28th Century


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Full Definition of propaganda

1 capitalized: a congregation of the Roman curia

2: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

3: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also: a public action having such an effect

Propaganda has become so common that we don’t react to it, even when we recognize what it is. Using the word “information” in the definition is misleading, because propaganda is mostly about spreading lies in ways that people will accept them as facts. Telling lies with the intention that they be accepted as solid facts. Yes, that is what propaganda is about; telling lies. Lies that are intended to persuade people to act. Lies that will cost some people billions and result in billions in income to others.

Election campaigns are just chock full of propaganda: Vote for me; I’m for you. And variations on that theme. The lies and partial truths that are typical of election campaigns and minor, because everyone knows that the politicians are out for themselves and for our tax dollars. Government provides very little that is of value, but we allow it to continue to grow and suck up more money. But we all know they are based on lies. We all know that it makes very little difference who holds the reins of government. They all do the same things; although they may use difference terms and different locations and such. There is propaganda that makes political propaganda look delicate and refined (sort of) in comparison, and people seldom notice it. I am referring to social engineering.

Social engineering is training people to live in certain ways, because the engineers think that best. Social engineering is a very broad term for training people to live within society with certain attitudes or acting in certain ways. Perhaps we can best see social engineering at work in the push and push back between religious people and the non-religious. Or in a related dichotomy between those who regard homosexuality as an abomination and those who want it to be accepted as mainstream. Both sides are trying to set up the discussion so that they will win, and each side is winning in some places. I saw a more extreme example of the religious divide today in an article in which it was asserted that Sharia must be implemented in the U.S.A., because the Koran is the word of God. How can anyone argue against that?

So here in the U.S. we have court battles over which restrooms people of certain sexual preferences should use, and we will have battles over accommodating the requirements of Sharia, but that will be battle after battle in which Islam will lose, such is the nature of the U.S.A.

We are going to start having legal battles over energy use in regard to climate change, even though science shows that what the climate change propagandists have put forth is almost completely false; there are a few facts, but most of the purported facts are not facts. Apparently the campaign is designed to get people in developed countries to accept a lower standard of living. While climate change has been put forth as the reason for reducing energy use. The real reason is that some people think that over population will use up oil, gas, and coal, so there will be no choice. But this is only one example of the kind of social engineering that the propagandists have created.

Propaganda includes things like the false allegations of an indictment being hand down soon for Hillary Clinton, and the claims that she did something horrible by having a private email server. That wasn’t illegal, and there is no reason to believe that she will be indicted for her non-crimes, but we can be confident that James Comey will be fired for his unethical and possibly illegal statements in regard to Hillary. (Full disclosure: I am opposed to Hillary, and I already cast an early vote for someone else, but I find it offensive that the head of the FBI would overtly support anyone for president.)

This sort of social engineering propaganda is meant to turn everyone into good boys and girls who will do what some people think is right for the country and the world. To further their particular views, the various groups using propaganda expect the people to follow them like sheep to the slaughter and allow them to variously make wars for profit; use half the annual budget of the U.S.A. to support their pet projects. families, and livings styles, and so on.

People and organizations can get away with propagandistic lies, because few people have the knowledge necessary to spot the lies. Many people accept the propaganda at face value, because it is presented as facts, and many people are afraid to dispute alleged facts, even when the facts were completely fabricated. An example is with the climate change propaganda people were told that the information presented was fact based on climate scientists work, when the purported facts were fabrications that had little to do with any work by any climatologists. But the propagandists said "it is settled science." There is no settled science; everything is pen to question and new information. The attempt to sell the term "settled science" is an attempt to reverse the Enlightment and to establish scientists as the replacements for the clergy.

If someone yells long enough and loud enough some people will agree, just to get him to **** up. I'm not one of those. And whether Trump is yelling or some climate change propagandist I won't agree unless it is proven. Trump has been trying to scare people into thinking that Hillary is about to be indicted, but Trump has already been indicted and will be going to trial soon (link below), or maybe he won. Recent stories say that his accuser has dropped the case after death threats. But the racketteering case in regard to Trump University is still on. So we will find out whether Trump is a crook but not right now.

Unfortunately, we can't trust the government to lay bare the lies of propaganda, because the government is one of the biggest purveyors of lies. We can't trust the people who claim to be debunkers, because they have their own agenda, and we can't trust the educational institutions, because they also have their own agenda. All we can do is be skeptical about everything and investigate claims that merit investigation. And we have to be skeptical about what is presented anywhere as fact; much of what scientists put forth is speculation presented as fact.

Trump foolishness about climate change