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25 best movie scenes

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My personal favorite is the scene in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly where Tuco meets his brother.
I made a list, trying to think of the best scenes that weren't just car chases, shootouts, or endings and here's what I got.
1.Apocalypse Now- Ride of the Valkyrees
2.Deer Hunter- Russian Roulette
3.Network- I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.
4.Dirty Harry- Do you feel lucky?
5.Platoon- Sgt. Barne's Speech: I am reality.
6.A Few Good Men- Code Red
7.Tombstone- Doc Holiday talks Latin to Johnny Ringo
8.Goodfellas- no more shines
9.No Country For Old Men- coin toss
10.The Princess Bride- My name is Inigo Montoya
11.Taxi Driver- You talkin' to me?
12.Reservoir Dogs- ear scene
13.Ferris Bueller's Day Off- parade
14.Amadeus- God laughing
15.8 1/2- Harem scene
16.La Dolce Vita- balloon charmer
17.Spartacus- I'm Spartacus
18.City Lights- drowning scene
19.Rocky- Micky comes to Rocky's apartment
20.The Miracle Worker- Folding a napkin
21.Alien- chest popper
22.Blade Runner- I've seen things
23.Jaws- The Indianapolis
24.Pulp Fiction and Schindler's List- take your pick

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