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Memories of the 28th Century


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“Cave ab homine unius libri.” Beware the man of one book. Pliny the Elder

This fine adage came to mind earlier today, when I was listening to a man who thinks that the Jews control the world, and that all evil comes from them (he thinks The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is non-fiction). There seem to be many people who put their faith into a single item or narrow set of beliefs. Religious zealots are of this sort and sports fanatics also, but sports fanatics seldom go to war over their beliefs. If there were a philosophy that was broad enough to encompass all facets of life, then that book might be worth becoming a single-book person about, but there are no such philosophies or books, at least none that I have found, and I have looked. It is common for religions to claim to be that all-encompassing, but they aren't, and they are very one sided. And many (or even most) religions, at least of those that I know, are based on false premises.

In logic, starting from a false premise is the way to get any where that you want, regardless of whether the results make any sense in the pragmatic world. In religion, starting from a false premise allows one to prove anything also. It appears to me that conspiracy theories, religions, political fanaticism, and similar situations are based on simplistic thinking based on dubious premises or on dreamed up evidence.

One fascinating example can be found in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions, the religions based on the "God of Abraham". From a few rather foggy comments in the folklore of one tribe some people put together a collection of religions that dominate a large part of the world. The single-minded have turned that religion into an all encompassing explanation of the universe, even though the folklore specifies that it applies only to the descendants of Abraham.

Then there are the people who believe that reptilian alien's creatures are responsible for either all evil or everything. The reptilians are supposed to have created humans for their amusement. I just looked up the origin of this idea, and it is thought that it arose from a Conan the Barbarian story by Robert E. Howard. It has been further developed since then by a David Icke. Icke's work is an excellent demonstration of how far afield thought can go when it starts with a false premise. I watched some of his videos, and I laughed; they are perfectly silly, but people believe what they want to believe.

People of a single book are lucky in a way; to them the world is simple. There are no nuances, and there are no doubts. To those of us that have broad backgrounds, the world is a complicated place, and it is difficult to determine the causes of events, because there are so many contributing causes. But to someone who believes that all evil emanates from a single source thinking is easy, especially if that source controls all wealth and everything else.

There are many people who seem to believe that everything that anyone needs to know is in the Bible. I doubt that myself, but that's because the Bible is rather inconsistent and parts of it are pure fantasy. It says a huge amount about someone, if he (or she) claims to believe that the Bible is literally true, especially if the person is not Jewish. As I noted above, El of the Breasts made a covenant only with the descendants of Abraham, and that would include Arabs and Jews who have whatever Y chromosome Abraham had or a mutation of it. It is uncertain which Y that was, but there are many among the Jews and they are not all closely related. The same is true of the Arabs, who would be descended from Abraham through Ishmael, unless someone else got to Hagar, Sarah's maid, first, and unless they are actually descended from a number of different people. Being of one book is typical of religionists; it is expected, but it leads to a bad end, as it does in other realms of activity.

And then there's the matter of Christianity. I may go into this in depth later, but just consider the deal that El made.

When this kind of people get involved in scientific matters it can be even worse, but some of them do. Alas, that's the problem with the anthropogenic climate change people, but I ran across an excellent video by a British geologist who explains the history of global warming based on the evidence that actually exists. He didn't bother dreaming up anything.

But life is easier for single-minded people. They don't have to try to reconcile contradictory evidence. They can ignore the fact that some things both exist and do not exist at the same time. It would be sort of nice, if there were a single source for all knowledge and wisdom that one might ever want, but I haven't yet put out my shingle for that service.

There are a few other examples of single-mindedness that I could bring up, but it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Consider Democrats and Republicans this year; it is madness.

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