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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Current Fall & Terrorism VS The Way to Rise -- Special Prayers

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Peace be on all.
The conditions of Muslim countries in the world are deteriorating very rapidly. Where is it written in real Islam to kill the innocent non-Muslims and Muslim? The rulers of their countries are not realizing their weakness and that anti-Islam forces are encircling them.

According to my understanding, Muslim countries and their cherished clergies neither understand true Islamic teaching nor do they want. They deny Spiritual Reformer Imam sent by Allah the Exalted -- the Imam of this age, who was sent by Allah the Exalted in accordance to His promise and prophesies of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in this age to promulgate true teaching of Islam in this era.

This is the main cause of inability of Muslim societies to find right way in the current state of crisis, as one sees.

The Real Islam is the greatest flag bearer to establish justice and peace, and teaches Islamic governments that their foremost duty is to establish peace and justice, but these governments are shredding the very peace and justice by themselves.

For example, surely the recent rebellion in Turkey is not justified by any means, but as the result of it, the steps taken by the government are oppressive. Action is being taken against even those political leaders who were not involved. In similar examples, reaction comes.

Muslim rulers have seen what has happened in Iraq, Libya, Syria etc but they do not understand. If they do not want to ponder at the teaching of Holy Quran, and they do not want to live as practicing Muslims, then at least simple wisdom demands they should take steps with thinking.

In addition to above, terrorist organization are continuing to defame Islam by doing heinous acts of murdering innocent human lives. It is possible they are being used by anti-Islam forces for multi purposes.

If these terrorists are aware of true Islamic teaching, they must know that it is not Islamic teaching to massacre innocents women, children, elderly, sicks, passengers, people and pastors in churches.

When Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) would send force in wars imposed to him, they were instructed not to kill women, children, rabbis and pastors and not to hurt anyone who did not carry weapon or did not become part of war against Muslims in any way.

So it is not teaching of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) , and it is not practice of his (s.a.w) Rightly-Guided Khulafa and Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all).

Allah the Exalted has given the name Islam to our religion and this very name rejects terrorism, repression and violence, and gives message of peace, conciliation and tranquility. The meaning of Islam is to live with peace and to give peace.

The oppressors do not believe and practice Holy Quran, do not offer Salaat. Effectively, they have made a new religion. When a true Muslim believes true Islamic teaching, he seeks peace and offers Salaat then he avoids mischief, showiness, debauchery and immorality.
Allah the Exalted says: “……Prayer restrains one from indecency and manifest evil……” (29:46)

Islam says spread Salam and spread Peace.Under the influence of so-called clergies, a radicals ridden Islamic country’s law has been monopolized that Salam can not be said except to Muslims VS In the time of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) Salam was said to everyone.

I believe, the true path can be shown only by the one who has been sent by Allah the Exalted as Imam of the age. Justice can be established by him who is sent by Allah the Exalted to establish it as Hakam and Adl (Arbitrator and Judge). Only he can implement the beautiful teaching of Islam, who is inducted by Allah the Exalted. Ahmadis are fortunate they have accepted the Imam of age, The Promised Messiah, The Covenanted Mahdi (a.s.) and are safe from involvement in oppression by world. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said:
Islam has made two parts of its teaching. First, the rights of Allah and second, the rights of people. The right of Allah is that one should consider it essential to obey Him. And right of people is that they should show sympathy to creation of God the Exalted. It is not good way to afflict someone just due to religious opposition. Sympathy and (good) conduct is one thing and religious opposition is another. That group of Muslims which is stricken with mistake and misunderstanding of [wrong perception of] Jihad, they have [wrongly] made it permitted that it is right to take wealth of infidels illegally.

Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), while drawing attention to do prayers, once said that For whom, door of prayers is opened, it is as if doors of mercy are opened for him.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) asked Ahmadis to say these prayers.

[Quran 2:202]“…….‘Our Lord, grant us good in this world as well as good in the world to come, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.’ ”

[Quran 3:148] “…… ‘Our Lord, forgive us our errors and our excesses in our conduct, and make firm our steps and help us against the disbelieving people.’”

[Quran 28:25] “…..‘My Lord, I am in need of whatever good Thou mayest send down to me.’”

From spiritual instillation of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.):
“O my Lord! every thing is under Your control, O my Lord! so Protect me and Help me and have Mercy on me.”

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) prayed for his community which is under constant threat by extremist, prayed: May Allah the Exalted save Jama'at collectively and member of Jama'at individually from every evil and return evils of opponent to them, grant wisdom and understanding to Muslims that they listen to call of the one sent by Allah the Exalted and by becoming one-people, establish and spread the peaceful and beautiful teaching of Islam. [Aameen]

== @ Friday sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) at and [both official]

== Ahmadiyya Dir @ religiousforumsDOTcom [non-official]

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