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Some Updates

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Alternative title: Some Things I Forgot to Mention
Alternative alternative title: My Life (Such as it is) Updates

Iím better now by the way. See? Told you Iíd feel better. Or did I? I thought it at least. My mood goes up and down quite a lot but itís not usually for very long.

So. Some little things have occurred since I dedicated an earlier blog entry to them and Iíve finally decided to write them up.

Some minor things first.
I still have the scar on my wrist from when I burnt myself on the oven. Originally I had planned to try and document it but once the scab came off there was really nothing else to tell. Itís faded but still there. Itíll take quite some time for the skin to return to normal, if it ever does. Itís not like it was a serious burn. Just the top layer of skin, even after I accidentally scratched it. If I clench the muscles in my wrist and bend my hand back it disappears in the right light. Other than being a tiny bit pinker than my, practically deathly white, skin itís perfectly normal. No irritation or discomfort and no itching. It did get a little itchy while it was healing but not now.
I donít know if I told you how I burnt it. I had a store bought brownie in the oven on a very low heat and Iíd put some chocolate chips and little marshmallows on it and I just had it in there so they could melt and itíd be all nice and warm and gooey.
Sucks to hurt yourself because you have a sugar addiction and you decided to be overly indulgent with it.

Next. The toaster.
So some of you might have thought it was strange that I said that we had to get to know the toaster. Well it sounds strange but itís true. I had one or two more charcoal incidents after I wrote about it but then I got used to the toasterís quirks.
I just have to push theÖ.Iíll call it a plunger for fun, down hard enough and itíll work as it should. And I can check to make sure itís okay because the plunger is pretty sensitive when itís not properly depressed. If I havenít done it properly then the cancel button wonít stop it cooking but a little push on the bottom of it will pop it back up and stop the cooking. If it refuses to pop up then I know itís okay and I should have my toast at the set time, but if I donít the cancel button should stop it.
See? All it takes is a little time. Getting to knooow you. Getting to know all about yooou.
So now weíre getting along pretty fine. Well. Except that mum burnt her toast last week and the kitchen, and most of the house, was thick with the stench of smoky burnt bread. Of course I was fast asleep at that time so I woke up to a house that smelt strange but I couldnít be sure why for an hour or so. I knew it smelt smoky but I just couldnít place it. Itís not often in my life that Iíve experienced, what I now call, charcoal toast.

And now, the most important. I meant to write about it at the time but I kind of forgot.
So. You know my cousin had her first baby. A little boy whoíd had complications and she couldnít even hold him. But then she put up some pictures of her holding him. Yay. So happy.
Well. A couple of days after I wrote about that he came home. I know this because they posted a new picture of his dad holding the little guy who was fast asleep on his chest. Cutest thing ever. And he was sat on my auntís sofa while doing so. How do I know that you ask? Because I know the pattern. Itís been the same one as long as Iíve been visiting there. Also I believe they said somewhere there that the little guy was finally home. Super happy.

A few days after that we sent off a pretty big package of stuff (the stuff I mentioned before). It was pretty big. Maybe too much and maybe it seemed like we were showing off. In my defence, looking at baby clothes just before and during your period is very very unwise. EVERYTHING is adorable and I mean everything. Also. Like I said before. The little guy deserved some spoiling. I stand by that.
There have been a couple more pictures and updates which is nice and now that things seem to have settled Iím not stalking my cousin quite as much. I still, inevitably, check Facebook at least once a week now, just in case.
In case what?
Well. In case thereís another adorable update orÖwellÖin case something bad happens. He had a troubled beginning so it is conceivable that there may be things that crop up. Maybe there wonít. And also, even if everything had been perfect, life isnít. Sometimes bad things happen. But letís not dwell. Mainly itís to see if thereís any more cuteness to be had and also so I know what to expect when I finally get to meet him, whenever that will be. They grow very very quickly.

So. Thatís that. Oh. And mumís sciatica in her leg has come back. Itís no surprise really. In fairness sheís getting older and doesnít exercise much if at all so yeah. Itís been going on for over a month now. I told her to make a doctorís appointment at the start. She refused. Itíll take about three weeks to be seen and itíll have gone by then, was her sentiment. Well. It wasnít. Every week she has to buy a new box of painkillers. Now she laments, if Iíd gone to the doctorís before at least the painkillers would be free by now, because theyíd probably have prescribed her painkillers. Well. I did tell you but you wouldnít listen. And why not? Because you never listen to me. Despite the fact that you are over twice my age, sometimes I do know what Iím talking about, sometimes I do know whatís good for you. But enough of that. She made an appointment last week and itís today, which is why Iíve actually written this, because sheís getting up an hour later because sheíll be going into work later, so Iíve stayed up later than I normally do.

Did I tell you I planted some carrots? Well. Nothing much came of it. The cats kept peeing in the box, Iím pretty sure, and the snails ate all the leaves. There was a point that I had just one pretty good looking sprout but now thatís gone too. I planted some peas a couple of weeks ago too. The ones outside seem to have come to nothing but I planted five indoors and theyíve sprouted wonderfully. I plan to move them outside when theyíre big enough. Maybe theyíll survive.

Yeah so I think thatís all for now. I should be going.
I get the feeling I shouldíve written this up yesterday but oh well.

Bluebiird out.


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