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Improving Personal Fitness

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It has been alleged that more than two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, and more than a third are obese. Whoever defines such things redefined those things about twenty years ago and, in an instant, doubled the obesity rate in the U.S., but putting that aside there are many Americans who could stand to drop a few pounds, and I am including myself. I had a stroke of genius today while sitting in a place where a wide variety of people wandered around.

If the ones who are obese could see how they look, then they would do something about, and that would be especially true if humans didn’t hide their disgusting bodies under clothing.

Yes, nudism would almost completely eliminated obesity in America. Think about it the next time you are in a shopping mall, grocery store, or any place where a wide swath of people are to be found. People aren’t uniformly fat, but there a lot of people with slabs of adipose tissue hanging off arse, abdomen, thighs, etc., and I’m glad that it is hidden under clothing. It is much more noticeable this time of year, when people don’t wear as much to hide their “rolling fronts of chins and abdominia,” as H.G. Wells put it in his great short story about obesity and weight loss: “The Truth About Pyecraft”.

I realize that many people are opposed to nudity, because of prurient interests, but the truly obese seldom appeal to the prurient interests of anyone; although I am sure that there are fetishists. Alas, there is a problem with this idea, because many people are shy about nudity and often with good reason. On the other hand, that shyness is not called for, if there is no prurient interest, and that could be a new and better definition of obesity: When someone is so fat that they do not arouse lust in normal persons of the other sex. There are more complications, but that would be a good starting point. There also are cultural mores opposing nudity in some cultures, so this method of reducing the obesity rate couldn't be used worldwide, but that's their problem.

There are other problems with this idea, but the concept is good: people who wouldn't look good nude should decrease their level of fatness. On the other hand, there really are people who lust for fat (see link below).

There are some people with hypothyroid condition, and they have a strong tendency toward obesity. The condition can be treated, and treatment has varying levels of success.

I just reread the story "Oil Of Dog" by Ambrose Bierce, and that also suggests a way to reduce obesity, but I will leave that to the reader's imagination.
What this post is about

I had planned to write on the 2016 Presidential election, but this came to mind, so I wanted to get it out of the way. I hope that no one finds it too objectionable.

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