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Ginger tea and chocolate

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Been a while since I wrote something down here, and the only reason why I am doing it now is because I should be proofing my MA thesis.

I am kinda sick, I have had a cold for two days now, was really ill on Friday but it's getting better. It is my firm belief that the only cure for cold (or any other virus) is tea, and lots of it! So have been drinking tea pretty much day and night now for three days. I love tea but usually I go for coffee in the morning, and drink so much of it that I stick to tea in the afternoon. But I have hardly had any coffee in the past few days. Some, cause I get withdrawal if I don't drink it but little, just like 3 cups a day.

My thesis in 90% done, I have one chapter left to write and I need the books I have at school for that so I am just proofing everything and sending my advisor short chapters. It looks good, I think. I will be happy when it is done and I have a copy in my hands.

My son is spending Easter with his dad, stepmom, her son and a brand new younger brother, he was very excited about having a sibling finally. He knows I don't want more kids so his dad and stepmom stepped in and gave him a brother. When I was feeling sick, before he left on Friday he showed me a picture of his brother to make me feel better, very sweet, but not healing unfortunately.

One thing about small kids, and mainly parents. Why do parents of infants always think everyone wants to hold them? I don't, I really, really, don't. I had coffee with a friend the other day, she has a 5 month old girl and she asked if I wanted to hold her and I politely said no thank you, then her dog came and I hugged him a lot, until I thought this might seem rude and stopped focusing on the dog. I didn't focus on the baby, just ignored both.

People often ask when there is a small baby around if I get a tingling or longing for another one. NO, just no, sleepless nights, diaper change and just constant eye on the child, nope, not again. I love my son, he is the best thing I have in my life but I'm not doing all that stuff again. Also I really value my independence, he is almost ten and I like that I can go get coffee with a friend and don't have to bring him along or get a babysitter. that being said, I never get a babysitter, I am at home every night and even when he is with his dad I don't go out, but that is my choice, and my anxieties.... a combination.

Well, Shakespeare is waiting for me, and when I am done with him, Matt Murdock is next in line.


  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Hi, Helga,
    I am not so sure if you expect visitors today.
    I just looking round to wish you a quick recovery from your cold. Also I want to wish you luck on your thesis. I finished mine, also on literature some years ago.You feel relieved and happy when you have acomplished it. What else is bound up with it, profissional openings, publishing, etc., comes afterwards.
    I see you are very fond of your son, but on the same time you don,t seem to be a child doting person.
    In my case. I always found it easier to show affection to animals than to humans unless they were very young babies.
    Updated 03-27-2016 at 08:38 AM by Danik 2016
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Hope you're feeling better soon, Helga. I like babies, and love to look at them, but I don't necessarily want to hold them. I had a friend years ago who loved babies and small children. She's been a kindergarten teacher for years, but never married or had kids. My point, I guess, is that for some odd reason, we (the universal "we") do seem to I'm put some character trait in one's purported interested in children. Which simply isn't valid.

    Dogs are much more fun to pet, anyway.