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Pristine and beautiful,
the song sings sweetly on.
A million loves wrapped in one,
Here she sings for all days.
'All are welcome,'
The branches quietly wave.
Effortless and free,
Whole heart,
Every part,

and. . . Peace.
Can we have Peace,
Until we have Peace?
Yes. First we have Peace,
and then we have Peace.

99.9 %
Use words
as blunt force instruments
To persuade or convince
Never taking the time
To walk through hills
Without themselves,
But with everything else.

If you're a singer, a poet, a musician,
And you have a fever and throat is sore, can't sing,
And one day you are able to begin again to -
How joyful! How inexpressibly joyful!
This is true emotion - all others,
Are but some doleful shadow.
a ( lap top ) computer is to me. . .

philosopher's stone,
library of the universe,
portal to anywhere,
magic wand,
( to help keep awake )
and to learn the ( only )
the important parts of
( the library aspect )
a very good one.

All already are, awakened. Enlightened. Buddhas.
Therefore it is equal if one does what is good, or what is not,
But still one should do what is good, either if one has, or has not
fully attained the understanding of the first line. This keeps
The heavenly, infinitely, pure land of boundless, eternal Light,
which is this world, in it's pristine, infinitely beautiful,
Limitlessly wholesome, sound, and full -
Natural state of dynamic
Being, Isness, 'Thusness'
or what such is.