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Mohammad Ahmad

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Of course I had a rural origin, have finished my primary school at a village nearer to ours about fifty Kilometers in the northern part of Mosul city on the left part of Tigris River towering over it as if this River is its own.
There I had learned the swimming in the first period of youth ages.
I didn't forget the day when our teacher of English put us at an unexpected exam and those who are my classmates -who are all larger than me-all of them failed in the exam and only me was succeeded then they tried beating and kicking me when we on feet returned home after our lessons had over.
Another day yet I do not forget, when we were in the second class year of intermediate stage, we had the English lesson and our teacher who is Christian got a mistake on a grammar then I suddenly jumped saying " my teacher you are wrong" he replied " can you correct it?" I said yes, then from that time all of the grammar exercises I had to answer onto the blackboard and who passed by the class did not recognize who is the real teacher, of course, I felt as if I had an unforgiving fault! But the teacher went to the headmaster and told him that he had a very excellent student and turning as my friend from that time.
Indeed my aim in that time was not planning to be a teacher of English or to study the medicine but my aim was to be a pilot.
After finishing the secondary school I prepared my applications to be a pilot but I failed into the examination because of something was not acceptable on the qualifications, that I had a bad ear as they wrote on their notices.
Indeed I turned frustrated and sad and because of my father lowest livelihood, I completed my study on a medical institute two years after the secondary school then graduated,
Lastly I have finished the study on translation college of art.
I liked the poetry as long as I remembered, thus I devoted myself into this field but I think this mostly happens behind a failure of one's life.

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