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Mohammad Ahmad

Fighting terrorism

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Fighting terrorism
Fighting terrorism isn't a mere something can be shrunken to be forever controlled and settled for peace, it is a matter beyond thoughts and beliefs.
The world entire the world yet is disabling to find a solution and form my side I think it needs to establish many schools deal with intellectual cultures and enlightenments, which could be influencing into overall youths psychological habits and social relationships.
From where to begin:
I think the important matter in the world is the Arabs-Israel -struggling, which up to date still unsolved and in such things of settlement suggestions, it will be never solved.
The second matter is by USS Organizations and to return once more to the International-peace agreement and the Human Rights laws and decisions, however, to find solution or to rewrite again the new necessities that still standing as obstacles never once have been treated.
It is still finding or confronting with a new problem but since the matter is not treated before or none of the reasonable intellectual researchers just has thought to put in mind.
The time quickly has passed and it will pass for more coming next years and the problem will stand as a terrible thing which puts the dark in each side.

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