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Mohammad Ahmad

America and terrorism

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America and terrorism

If we look carefully and study the history we will discover something isn't right or changing upside in America's plan in what overall history America has declared..
When America invaded Iraq in 1991 then followed in 2003 the cover of its military campaign is to discarding out the Saddam regime under some allegations that Saddam himself is directly connected with Al Qaeda-the time when never there is group of terrorists at least in Iraq and as American investigations this will threat the interests of America in the region but now after removing the Saddam regime we see the opposite since Al Qaeda which ISIS is a part of it filling up most parts of Iraq and Syria and sweeping out most of the governmental military that America helped to find after the occupation.
I can't help myself to find out what is this duality or duplicity in America policy because till now and after two years of ISIS occupation to most parts of Iraq we hardly can see a noticeable response against terrorism which America sets up a wide campaign against it but still poor enough against any advantages.
It is likely that America has two hands one hand is a true hand and the other is a false hand.
America when came and invaded Iraq its aircraft bombed Iraq more than 900 attacks per a day while now the attacking number has been decreased in both Syria and Iraq for 11 and this is enough for more bringing suspicions.