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Living Breathing Contradiction...

*Sigh* Where does the time go?

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I came back and updated last May...with the promise to be around more...yet more then a year has passed and I'm just now coming back. So some updates and another promise, hopefully I will keep this time, to be around more.

I have been washing the same load of clothes for at least a week...
There is a sippy cup somewhere in my car...
My car looks like toys r us vomited in it...
I upset the toddler so he peed in my shoe...
And I've been reading the same page of my book for 3 days...

And thus I have come to understand parenthood, at least for today, tomorrow is a whole new journey. But aren't children wonderful? For every late night and crazy early morning, every time I've been puked on, peed on and drooled on...there is an equally heart melting moment when he looks up at me and says he loves me <3

Samuel is now 2 years old, where did the time go? When did I become 23? Was it not just 2007 and I was joining this page spending all my free time here? Its crazy. Sam is doing much better medically and is a brilliant little boy. He knows all of his colors, his letters, Can count to 15 and spell his name. HE is not potty trained and may never be. We decided to use the 3 day method, you know kid runs around naked, sits on the potty every 15 minutes and Monday morning you are done? IT does NOT work that way...Place fruit loops in toilet, ask child to sink them, child gets head stuck in toilet trying to eat them...Buy new potty that they stand and shoot and it spins the toy wheel, child poops on floor while shooting the spinny thing, Buy $40 mickey mouse potty...child pees on the floor while trying to wear said potty as a hat, Mom gives up on potty training and recovers with a glass of wine.

Interrupt blogging because toddler kicked off his blanket...again...and is now cold. So I must recover him knowing he will kick it off in 5 minutes and we will repeat this cycle throughout the night.

Potty training was a giant fail, cleaning diapers is way less time consuming then cleaning your carpets. I have come to the conclusion having a toddler is a lot like a puppy. I spend my day chasing him around, telling him to get things out of his mouth, not to lick that, to stop barking (thanks paw patrol) and that we are not going outside! When that debate is over we watch Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, or people open Kinder Eggs on Youtube? I do not understand his fascination by this but it makes me truly wish they were not illegal here in the US.

This year we made it to the Grand Canyon, which included a 2 hour flight. I now really understand why they serve alcohol on a plane, so do the poor souls trapped around us for that flight. When we landed everyone was too happy to help me with my stuff and to get the little devil..I mean angel off the airplane. The ride back was much better as we were by a kindergarten teacher who entertained him tremendously, that lady was an Angel. The Grand Canyon was beautiful, We are planning our next natural wonder vacation for this coming March and unsure where I wish to take him.

*Cover toddler up again*

In the last year I have taken up calligraphy, and by taken up I mean buy a kit online and put it on a high shelf to avoild little hands, and forgot about it. Then there was metal stamping, and leather tanning, a short stint at bow making and after hot gluing the ribbon to my finger I decided that none of these things are for me. I will stick to the paper cuts and ink smears of writing.

That is all for now


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    That is really well written, Steph! It's also really good to see one of the old timers around (although odd to think of you as an old timer at the ripe, ahem, old age of 23. Your son sounds adorable, you sound content, all is right with the world. It's actually not very easy being a stay at home mom. I think it requires some specials kills and a tremendous amount of patience-and amusement-and a willingness to let things be what they are.

    Enjoy him so hard! The time really does fly, and they are small for such a short time.
  2. stephofthenight's Avatar
    *sigh* It is odd to feel like an old timer. Even more odd to realize that "I'll log in tomorrow" goes on for 7 months. Sorry about that! He is a mess for sure.