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Mini Cat Jaws

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I recently got a new little kitten (I haven't had a chance to get photos yet, he is still a bit shy). On Saturday there was a special Free Adoption Event, and after my two oldest cats passed away I have been wanting to get another cat, and I wanted to be able to provide a home for a kitty in need. So I met this adorable little kitty, a gray tabby cat who is a bit of a runt (I tend to like the runts, they are usually always kind of outcasts and loners but have great personalities). His name is Ajani which is an African name that means "He who wins struggle" I thought this name was quite fitting, because for one he looks kind of like a desert cat like a Serval because he has really big ears, and big eyes and around his face and underside it is a sort of tanish sandy color. As well, considering what he has been through, the lady at the shelter told us that he was a feral cat, and his sister had adopted out pretty quickly and he had been kind of depressed after she was taken, I think the meaning of the name is quite suiting. Though still a bit timid, he seems to have such a positive attitude.

Needless to say Strega my three year old cat was less than enthused by the arrival of the kitten. My cats are primarily outdoor cats who get locked in the garage at night, and in the middle of the garage there is this work table and Strega does like to sleep up there a lot. So in the evening when I bring Strega in for the night (for the moment the kitten is staying locked in the garage until he gets more familiar with his new home, and gets more comfortable with me and associates the garage as a safe place, and a place where there is food) Strega immediately jumps up onto the work table, in which the kitten is still too young and little to be able to get up on. But while Strega is not very thrilled about his new companion Ajani is already enamored with his new big brother. And optimistically and determinedly will not stop his attempt to make friends. Ajani runs in frantic circles around the work table, attempting to figure out a way he can get up there while Strega watches him with a mix of intrigue and apprehension. It reminds me of a scene from jaws with the kitten circling around the cat who is "stranded" while he eyes the unsafe ground below.

Though there is a part of Strega that I think really wants to jump down and play but he isn't yet willing to really own up to the fact. He is still trying to act like mr. tough guy, and think he is too cool and being the spoiled brat he is used to being. But I think by slow reluctant degrees that adorable and enthusiastic antics of Ajani are starting to win him over.
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