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Online Personality and Psychological Tests

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Or Are You A Psychopath?

I still amuse myself with online personality questionnaires, and some of them are entertaining. I recently took the Psychopath test, and the result was “The complete opposite of a psychopath.” I have done similar questionnaires in the past; I even joined OKCupid to take their Psychopath test. I have flunked all of those tests, not that I thought that I was a psychopath. These questionnaires certainly aren't rigorous, but they do give some idea of general tendencies.

I wonder what, or if, conspiracy theory lovers realize that these questionnaires are screening tests for the New World Order. For that matter, I wonder if the lovers of conspiracies even take such tests, because they fear that information about them might be recorded somewhere for future use. I'll have to look for a paranoia test. This site has a generalized screening test:

As I mentioned, OKCupid has a psychopath test, and that makes a lot of sense. I doubt that many people would like to find that a date was a psychopath. OKCupid has a whole collection of psychological tests, and they do make sense, but the single test that I linked to above may be better, because many of the tests on OKCupid were developed by amateurs.

I wonder if these tests do anyone any good. It is my understanding that people with serious mental disorders seldom believe that they have a problem, and I have observed that in some of the less sane people that I am acquainted with. The paranoid in particular would be dubious of the results of any screening tests; although they would accept them as tools of the New World Order designed to determine who should be eliminated.

The site that I linked above also has a Depression test: I score "very slight" in all the sections they mention, and that is reasonable. I do find it entertaining to do these things, and so do some other people, but there are others who are afraid of what the results might be. Those who seem to be afraid of the results seem to be the ones who assert that mental illness is a myth.

This site has an interesting test that may be better than others.

Rather than being a complete waste of time, these online tests are just almost a complete waste of time, because the people who should be finding out that they are utterly mad would never take such tests, and the people who do take them do it for entertainment. Maybe there should be rewards for taking these things, especially if those who are found to learn that they have some personality disorder report it to a suitable person. For everyone such tests are amusing and sometimes surprising, as it was when I got the results of the Psychopath test: . So take the tests for entertainment, and keep your eyes on friends who get results that suggest that they need to be watched.

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  1. PeterL's Avatar
    Another type of quiz is the "How Old Are You" things. I may write a post about them some time.
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    I want to take the psychopath test. I always thought I was on the borderline of being a psychopath. Though I suppose the awareness of it means that I am not, and the fact that on a daily basis I resit the urge to kill someone.
  3. PeterL's Avatar
    Then take the test. You probably will fail.
  4. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Haha I got You Could be a Psychopath
  5. PeterL's Avatar
    I am surprised. You seem like a pleasant and caring person. Did you lie? If you did lie, then try it again without lying.
  6. Pompey Bum's Avatar
    Now it says she's a lying psychopath. :)
  7. Dark Muse's Avatar
    No, I did not lie pleasant and caring are not the words that usually come to mind with me. Some people would be quite amused to hear me described that way.
  8. PeterL's Avatar
    I understand, but I was quite amused when the result came back that I am "the complete opposite of a psychopath, etc., etc."