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Out of Boredom...

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These days my life is like an event-less set of hours stitched together by misery itself. Here's what I do everyday:

Wake up - usually at 9 am . Pretty unusual for me as an early riser back in college days.
Check mail and my online applications for updates.
Eat breakfast - or skip it and wait for lunch.
Surf the net till afternoon.
Around 1:30 pm I set the table for lunch & wash the dishes after it's finished. >> most useful thing I do all day
Sleep till around 5
Check mail again
Watch a movie or a read a chapter or 2 of any book I have lying around.
Surf the net again until 2 am.
Start over.

It's like depression, only you're not really depressed; you're just waiting for something. In my case; news.
So far Germany and the Netherlands have accepted me as a Fall graduate student, but I'm still waiting for Canada. Europe is more "convenient" as my parents say it; it's closer to home (e.g. closer to them.) and I'm ok with that. It's just... I really want to be a Process Engineering Graduate student at Western Ontario University... is that too much to ask for after 4 years of tough homeworks and projects along with sleepless nights filled with high difficulty rated fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, unit operations -and so on- problem solving?
Anyway, I check my e-mails all the time on my phone, pc at home, my laptop, my brothers laptop... just in case they decide to give me any news.
Other than this I'm not living much. I want to paint, read, knit, cook... along with so many other things but I get distracted, more like bored... depressed.

These days can't go by any slower. However, if a letter of admission comes through at the end I do not mind passing these days in torture at all. Just PLEASE be worth it


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    My advice is to get off the internet, or spend less time on it. Certainly not a whole afternoon. I think the internet is corrosive to the human soul. It only accentuates your depression.