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Today is a holy day

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Today is a holy day
(as yesterday was, as tomorrow is)
for if any day is a holy day,
all days are holy days,
where any land is a pure land,
all lands are pure lands.
So sing songs of cheer
Throughout the year -
For joy is wonderful,
And song is beautiful.
This healing verse
Will stay the hearse,
On a holy, holy day.
Breathing deep, sweet sighs of relief,
The infinite soul, ever free of grief -
Take less than what you give -
It is better to give than receive.
Breathe deep,
Joy keep,
On this beautiful, wonder-filled day.
Even if you've been down,
Your voice is pure joy sound;
Share with animals so fine,
Liev in the joyful sunshine.
For one song leads to another;
Enlightens our father and mother-
Here the boundless Earth sleeps,
Awake, forever joy and love she keeps.
Any day, every moment,
Is the birth of our Earth-
and every songbird testament
To what our life is worth.
Scatter not seeds to haste,
Where only speed leads to waste-
There's beauty and love to create,
Child of peace, and wisdom aureate.

It's a Holiday, by Boney M


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    Thank you so much- I'm glad you enjoyed it!