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peace is highest (dear william)

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In a dream I saw
that peace is higher
than any desire -
this secret law
does not requite
with 'might makes right,'
or the barbed wire fences;
it is more like the senses
when they are clear.

what fragrance blessed the earth,
when you arrived,
dear william?

what golden arrangement of fate?
what thrived?

don't answer, don't answer,
let the grace of the dancer
speak to starlight above,
for the grace of our love,
and the highlight of fate.
your life, joy incarnate,
your wisdom is pure.
your voice is sure.
break firmament.
just a little dent.
there - your strength,
this earth's breadth and length,
this is your source seen clearly,
which you shared with us dearly.

flow into and out of this life -
let heaven know of your strife -
it is only one answer to call,
that the strength of life is all:

dear william, can you feel it now?
the ocean's rise, the sacred vow -
the gentle swaying of the rain
as it splashes upon the pane?

this spark will rise and glisten, it,
dear fragment of the infinite,
has seen the stars you made,
and how it tells us of the glade!

it is only sky, this hope eternal,
that glistens in the mind supernal;
this song you sing protects our soul,
and lets us know that you are whole.

and if someone upon it chances
to see our light which here dances,
know that we do not need a thing,
except to love and live and sing.