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Mohammad Ahmad

Why does the entire world not cooperate to fight those?

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Why does the entire world not cooperate to fight those?

In Thursday 12 march, I went to the market to buy something I need; I saw a large gathering of people in the middle square of the city keeping amazing on silence waiting something might accidentally happen. They were craning their necks perhaps to see exactly what a decision will be executed.
The ISIS gangs were present going spreading many of their guards, who always wearing the black attires, to be close surrounding the area and some of them were climbing the walls of the mosque that has been erected there.
I suddenly passed by the place but from the first glance I looked to the place I was being sure that they have come to do the Islamic execution on someone.
Indeed, four poor men have been brought to be sentenced and not one. From a small gape between the thronged gathering people I hardly noticed the big curved sword when it came down cutting one's head, but I didn't see the cutting head because I myself not desired to see that disgusting manner and it is by all of my sense has been rejected to follow.
Whom should I blame? Do I blame the Islam religion? Do I blame the world? Do I blame the history to see those savage and evil gangs ruling by the name of Islam? Do I blame myself because I suddenly came and noticed what has been acted?
After the sentence truly has been executed and people witnessed many shouts have been risen out and all of the attendants repeated in one voice "Allah is the Great".
OK Allah is the great but by force, they said that!
Is it a credible matter that I am witnessed?
Of course, there is no worse description than to see by your naked eyes that an incredible thing is to be done additionally not secretly but in the broad of daylight.
Damn is to those savage, to those animals, to those cutthroats, to those ruthless murderers.
I do not know how to discuss the matter more; I might blame myself because I wrote these lines because by any means of my usual writing I do not find something can forgive this crime.
However, it maybe in the ancient time was applicable but now and front people eyes in the street, it is very unfamiliar to do and has been rejected by all civilized people.
Now what to do, I might ask all people whether in East or West to cooperate altogether in one way which it is to diminish those savage out and to shut all of the doors against them, because if they become enlarged they will undoubtedly destroy the world.
Other thing I want reminding and revealing about that those youths who often forcedly or willingly attend and witness such crimes of heads- cutting will no longer convert criminals as those because gradually they will be turned merciless hearts.
I might urge people everywhere and governments everywhere in the world to be cautioned and to take true procedures against this danger and if not this feature will be generalized seen then the delay will be not useful.
Of course, I am Muslim but I am not like those nor the majority of Sunni sect are alike even if those criminal people claimed that themselves are Sunni and their aim is to helping the Sunni sect in Iraq but they are far away from the Islam belief and are considered the very danger to Iraq and the region.
However and according to their pretensions, which based on to make this sect free from the oppression of Shiite, but they are in wrong because their acts anyhow prove the opposite and they are just an additional burden comes to Sunni sect in one hand and there are not enough critical problems between Sunni and Shiite on the other hand.
Both Sunni and Shiite live in a full good relation and a real partnership from the ancient time and never the history approved that there is anyhow hostility.
Those firstly come to dismantle the cohesive interrelationship of Islam and secondly to destroy the Islamic relationship with the entire world.
Of course they are the ever danger which still threatening the world and the humanity everywhere and people any people must from now understand that the method of treating, morality, the personal behaviour of those by any means are not related to the Islam in general but to themselves only.
Most of their crimes:
1- They intentionally and openly destroyed our priceless historical culture as what they did by Nineveh ancient monuments in Nimrod when flattened the place to the ground.
2- They intentionally making homeless to wide range of people, destroying their houses, seizing on their money and their prosperities, capturing on their wives and their sons killing great deal of them under their unlawful Islamic legislation as especially what they did with the Yazidi sect and when forcing the Christian to go away from their birthplace Mosul.
3- They prevent people from smoking putting penalty to have one cigarette is either to pay five dollars or to have a month jailing.
4- They killed many physicians claiming that those physicians are not helpful with them.
5- No day will be passed unless they commit more than one crime either to force rich people for paying undesired tribute or to make any pretext for someone they are disagreeing on him to imprison him or killing him.
6- There is a bottomless place outside the city and whomever they are disagreed on him, they throw him down while still alive in that place.
The very savage people neither Holacho is like them or any other Mongolian, a ruthless people you never can do any discussion with them.
If I had seen the Satan itself, I would never hate him; rather I hate those because they are devilish more than Satan is.
Again, I would ask Obama and the American administration why still silent; moreover our military though the last process of releasing Tikret finding out documents that America sure has been supporting those by some technical equipments like thermal-cameras which helped those gangs to easy attack our military bases.