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on Music and Peace

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Ah, yes Jansch was very prolific. I realized this when I stumbled across his 15th album - one of my favorites. He had 15 or a couple more single albums, and he also produced a few with Pentangle, and several with Renbourn. . I am not familiar with all of his work, I have listened to maybe around half of it. (Not if you count all the performances, naturally). He came onto the music scene with a big hit, self-titled album. . a lot of short, catchy songs that are flawlessly executed, with an amazing voice and almost virtuosity with guitar.

I love all of his work I've ever heard..except for some of the live versions, but a couple are better than the studio ones..
of the hundreds of them i definitely have a couple or few dozen favorites, and it's worth checking out.. (if you're bored or you want to explore folk etc)

a lot of renbourn's work is really transcendental too, "Little Niles,"

Davy Graham - Anji

Davy Graham was a contemporary who taught Jansch some about the guitar.. I actually think Woody Guthrie was one of Jansch's early main influences.. although of course later on, I'm sure he heard a lot more than I have.

There are a lot of overlaps, musically speaking. . for instance Renbourn performs Candyman, which Rev. Gary Davis wrote, etc.


In this, in the third one he lets himself go ahead and play with unrestrained, super-impressive virtuosity, with a continual display of musical genius from start to finish. . there are no words!!! I love it! Warning, if you are easily bored, it does go slow through the first pieces, though they are pretty and still flawlessly executed.

I love Lady Goes to Church. Although I have probably spent too many hours listening to it, more than I should want to admit! lol

My dear boy a 1.21 minute song that i've heard before but forgot, just realized now how great it is... such an inSanely virtuosic touch. A playful, spunky prelude to the kind of stuff he would later play with Stephan Grossman.

So Clear- Pentangle
haha I won't comment on this one except to say I love the collage.


Oh this album started auto-playing. . definitely a sweet one! Jacqui gets a turn at singing in the first one, "Wedding Dress," then it's Bert again with "Omie Wise."

I definitely love all of their music, they're kind of like folk superstars. Not by measure of how well known, they are of course, but just the feeling of my heart ;p

C G Am E
It was in the rainy season - waiting for the train
Am D Bm E
Leaving in the afternoon - all on your own again.
D Am D Am
Do you really understand it? Can you tell me why it is this way?
G F C Am D
Sad lady at her portmanteau with no words left to say,
F C Am D F
Saving that it's only something that can happen any day.

C G Am E
Too loose, circus rider, turn on your childish grin,
Am D Bm E
Shine on through the long black night, go ride the dawn again.
D Am D Am
Your eyes are stars that sweetly twinkle, aureole around your head aflame.
G F C Am D
Sad story that you cannot tell, where no one is to blame.
F C Am D F
And anyhow its only something sure to come down with the rain.

G F C G Am
Would I could hear your song so clear, the words could touch the air,
C Am D F
And catch the moon's reflection in the colour of her hair.
C Am C G Am
To ease this ache of loneliness and blind the vicious stare.

C G Am E
Even now I do remember one thing more that is not told,
Am D Bm E
Just a slightly twisted crystal heart to keep you from the cold.
D Am D Am
All up the coast along the highway nobody there will know your name.
G F C Am D
So strange how things should work out now, yet still remain the same.
F C Am D F
And even so you know there's nothing that can ever really change...

(I posted these partly because I think they're great but partly because after listening to this dozens of times, I had no idea of the word "portmanteau" in it.:-)

i would like to present the reverend gary Davis. . I've never heard anything as beautiful in my life. . all through it. . .it is altogether wonderful..

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning

and then, Children of Zion. . this song took me to a beautiful place as well. . it seems that every note is Samadhi. . . if any human got closer to Samadhi than him. . well I'm sure some did!! but it's still beautiful - and it's not like that's a competition anyway, heh.

Children of Zion

Awesome God - by Children of Zion

I had seen this one before but didn't listen to it. . this time it definitely brought a tear to my eye. . so beautiful. This was my faovrite song as a kid, too, at least when I thought of it. I'm probably sure I fell in love with a lot of different songs as a kid.

Partly, I know that I loved it because it was the one time I could fully loosen up, and let go to the idea that yes, God is Great - in church. . He is Perfect and He has the Wisdom and Power to live in Peace and Love that we so need. .

I came acround, too. When I was a kid, like from 11 to 17 or so I was an atheist. . then at 17-18, reading Jaspers, Descartes, Schopenhauer, and quite a few others, I just became curious. After reading The God Delusion at that time, I said, "Oh, thank you, Dr. Dawkins. I am a pantheist." And I continued to study the religions and scriptures intently -

I came to realize that the key to it all was the Principle of Selectivity. . I've mentioned this a few times at least, I am sure, if you know me I've probably talked about it. But to restrict oneself to the very most true, beautiful, and good in the world, and in life. This principle has power and if one follows it, it is very short matter of time before one rises to the top of whatever sphere one is involved in, in the way that cream rises to the top of fresh milk.

So if you do this, you'll enter growth which result in you being everything you could be, a full and complete person. . . You can get to anywhere you want to be in life - as far as you yourself goes. . If you wish - it's entirely possible.

Anyway - if you do this, it's like being bathed in the light of their genius. . . if you find the good ones. ..

you can begin from their aphorisms and leave - without need of any system of thought, because you will be able to simply see things clearly - and understand any system of thought that you encounter, and even the speed of understanding I am sure can be improved - but if you get to a certain point, why go any higher?

but you don't need any one else's thought - every great or good philosopher will definitely touch upon this concept - as well as hundreds of others..

and as it seems to turn out, a lot of these are simultaneously developed in many parts of the globe. . . if you compare the best wisdom any tribe has to offer, it's almost always the same. . .as seen in Black Elk, Thich Nhat Hanh (each who lived through a war) - Laoze, and Swami Vivekananda. . and many others. .

There are a few other things, oh I will just say the most basic ones.

1) we create our reality.
2) peace is possible
3) when we know that we are one with the universe, then we will know peace.

This last is said almost verbatim in each of the four sages or people I mentioned.

I know I ramble on a bit but I will just say this to finish.. Each of these also talk about the necessity of making the journey, the urgency of waking up, and searching for peace. To search for peace is primary, and to share it is primary - this, and to share peace.

I could write a dozen or hundred page (or someone could) elaborate proof of why this is factually, logically, and in every way true, but proof and persuasion is not even, really.. . not even ever a good thing. . . all the greatest masters of the history of humanity were so, so very peaceful. . this is the key element that unites them, that unites all of humanity. The shared spirit, and being, which we share.

I think I could simply say that I believe it is important to talk about peace, to encourage it and spread it around because in some places in the world, by the pressures of society, people are not allowed to talk about peace. If they do, they are threatened, and shut down.

So, because of this - because this is going on, and because I am connected to all these people - as we are all, all forms and beings in the universe, interconnected and inter-woven: because of this it matters if I engage in peace work; and if I do, then I am helping, I am sending good energy out - to let people know - you can come to peace, you just need space.

I won't say anymore for the moment, although I will let the obvious solution (ok, m. o. v. e. a. w. a. y.) ring in the air.

Ah, i said it - but yes, because we have to say it. And if we don't support people when they do say it, well we are not doing a wrong - but to speak about it, you begin to create a strong net of community which is at peace, and which is free -

As peace without freedom is not at all the final ideal.

If there's an ideal.

Almost all conflicts can be solved by moving the parties farther apart - at least, the battle ceases - this every bright child (every child is bright) learns eary at the playground. . .

matters can be complex sometimes, but simple human emotions are universal, and we all have all the shades of the spectrum of life within us. . .though that sounds fantastical, it is true. We're all connected to the source, and through it, to all the other beings - it's a vast, holographic display, which we are all creating by our dancing.

But yet the real world matters and besides Peace being the primary goal that every human should be seeking for - Sustanance and Growth of the Ecosystem - reversing trends of loss of species life and habitat, and preservation fo the intricate balance of the vast, interwoven ecosystem as a whole.

The natural evolution of morality today, would seem to be that what is good for the natural balance as a whole is what is good, and what is disruptive and/or destructive to the balance of life is bad. This is because we do not know what will happen when more and more species go extinct - whether, or how soon, things will get how bad, and what all else.

So, however much our actions affect the future of the planet in the manner of increasing the safety of plant life, animal life, bug life, etc., then our actions are good; and however much, etc., etc., you get the drift.

Until the crises is averted, this would seem to be our main concern: stopping sending weapons over seas, as we currently have too out-of-control a system of weapons manufacture and sale. . . these are business which try to drum up business, and they must be stopped, halted at every opportunity. Scaled down to one billionth of that size. And we withdraw from most all of the world, let every allie take a much, much higher leading role, and at the same time, we will do everything we can to encourage peace in every sphere possible.

The only way to halt a machine is to turn it off; and it is not all that unsimple.

But it definitely has to consist of both sides facing each other, understanding each other, and coming to forgive and to break the cycles of violence.

It is possible - how can anything be less equivocal? When every beloved child, every saint, every prophet has foreseen that it is very, very near; that all of the world is gradually awakening, right now, all at once, and it may happen anytime soon. . . Buddhists predicted it is Shambala soon to come, while Christ believed the Kingdom of God was coming very soon. How do we know it has not been here all this time? It seems that we exist in the reality of God, even if we don't know it. In the infinity of God, there must be only one blip where there is darkness, illusion, where something creation can go to imagine separateness, experience the illusion of being apart, only to make the reunion sweeter. But didn't Christ teach that the Kingdom of God is here, now, within us, just as the Shin Buddhists teach the the Boundless Pure Land is here, right now, within us and all around. .

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