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The Things that Offend Me About Valentine's Day

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I am not one of those people who is bitter about Valentine's Day because I am sad and alone and don't have anyone to share the day with. I am in fact quite happily spoken for, but even so I have never really been a particular fan of V-Day mostly because the cliche of it all and the convention of it I find to be quite annoying. So this is my list of things which I don't like about V-Day.

1. Flowers: Flowers in general I have no problem with. I think they are pretty to see growing outside, and I love to keep plants around the house, gardens are awesome. But fresh cut flowers and bouquets I don't get, and it is not something I would want someone to give me. What is so endearing about something that is just going to die slowly for the vain pleasure of your own enjoyment? If I am given a bouquet of flowers, I think "oh gee how nice, you gave me a dead thing" Yeah that is romantic.

2. Box of Chocolates: I am not going to claim I don't like candy, sweets, and chocolate, I do, but at the same time I am not really that into chocolate candy. I don't get excited about it, and I am very picky about what I like and what I don't like. I don't like just plain chocolate, and chocolates that come with some kind of filling inside I am very particular about. People always laugh at me because whenever we do have some box of assorted chocolates I have to cut the chocolates in half to see what is inside of them.

3. Jewelry: I like jewelery, I have a lot it, I wear it all the time, but I don't like jewelry store jewelry. Never bought or worn a piece of jewelry that came from an actual jewelry store. The kind of jewelry that they advertise on TV this time of year is bland, conventional, unoriginal, flashy, and overly expensive for how uninteresting it is. I never wear gold, almost every piece of jewelry I own is silver. I don't like diamonds, they don't interest me. Most the jewelry I own has come from Arts&Crafts shows and other similar venues, and was handmade by the person selling it, and is unique and off-the-beaten-path, and I can choose pieces that really reflect something in my personality. Also it is relatively inexpensive.

4. Teddy Bears: What am I 12? Ok, I admit I do own a few stuffed animals. But they are not teddy bears, and especially they are not teddy bears holding pink hearts and other such nonsense.

5. Red and Pink: The two colors most commonly associated with Valentine's Day. Pink needless to say is truly a loathsome color. And red, while it does have its good points (it resembles the color of blood and it looks really good when paired with black) in general is just not a color I am really that into. I don't really own or a wear a lot of red.

6. Hearts: I really don't like those continental so called heart shapes of which most commonly represent V-Day. Why? Because they don't resemble what an actual human heart looks like at all. If someone where to give me a Valentine's Day card with an image of a realistic human heart on it, I would be thrilled, now that would be honest and genuine. (Also I would accept an actual human heart from one of mine enemies......just saying). For fans of the Big Bang Theory, you know that the so called heart shape comes from the shape of a woman's ***. So than why call it a heart? Well I guess because it sounds a lot cuter, and more romantic, and is far more easy to market to a wide audience than *** Shape would be.


  1. farnoosh's Avatar
    Hey there By reading your blog I'm thinking it's not the actual V-day that bothers you but it's how people choose to celebrate (if that what they do) it.
    Similar to you, I too don't get what the fuss is all about and why do some people go way out of their way to show their L.O.V.E on this particular day! Doesn't that L.O.V.E not exist during the other 364 days of the year?
    I agree with most of your list, but the flower and chocolate part are actually my favorite gifts, V-day or no V-day.
    Anyway, Happy Valentines day Dark Muse!
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    Haha yeah I am bothered just by how cliched and materialistic V-Day makes love seem. And I agree that if you love someone you should show that love everyday not wait for one day of the year to feel some obligation to buy a meaningless gift to display your love. Or feel like how much you spend proves the amount of your love.