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Mohammad Ahmad

Who is the infidel?

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Who is the infidel?

"Those are the worst people to neighbour"

The bygone decades of 19th century told us more of the aggressive soul of people of influence and as we know that the feudalism class, is one of the considerable classes of those people of influence especially in Iraq- countryside.
However, the aggressive soul that we are accustomed to noticing its features among those classes is not particularly the only feature of the injustice and oppression that can be seen in Iraq society whether it has been grown up on rural areas or in towns.
Everyday it has a new aggressive feature, with every a newborn of politic entity there is a recently aggressive feature.
It is more than ordinary to see the Majesty President or the Majesty Prime Minister or any sublime characters in the government- body would steal money transferring it for abroad banks even if their salaries are too high to be counted.
It is the modern disease that has been transmitted though our history-shining doors, but by mistaken and debased ways, the history of our grandfathers that has been distorted and falsified by those.
Now if you decide trying on asking a question to those who calling themselves the Islamic State:
Why do they prevent the student who traveling in order to gain the doctorate or master from Europe or America?
They will mistakenly pretend that this student will go to the infidel states! Don't they hear the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad?
When, peace and mercy of Allah is upon him, said:
"Go over science even if it is in China."
It means to follow science ways so that to gain progress how far the place is.
Do they know in religion more than the prophet knows?
Is China on that time being subjected to the Islamic rules of Mecca?
It is apparently noticed that there is no any justice will be seen in Iraq and each one of those will be converted to the worst infidel in the earth.
Other thing they claimed that doing a celebration in honour of Messenger Mohammad's birthday -peace and mercy of Allah is upon him- is wrong, because this is similar to Christian's habit of Jesus' birthday celebration.
If the Christians do that, they are on right because this celebration is not a part of worship, but it is just to spread happiness among people.
Which one is better the gloomy face or the happy face?
I do not know why they forbid the celebration of this Islamic anniversary!
Our children used to distribute sweet foods on this occasion so that to spread the happiness among people as well as to give the Prophet's birthday something of honour and consideration, but alas those ISIS groups do not respect any feature of humanity or even the Islamic correct rules.
Let them going astray as far as they can but I think that in the last no one will be believer or stay a devotee for them.
Those ISIS groups are indeed the successors of the dissenters who in the time of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib' may God is pleased on him- rebelled in the occasion of arbitration falsely rising up Korans over their javelins to make sure for the devoted Caliph that they were on right.
Their faces, their behaviours do not reflex any feature of a real Islam since they using the excessive force so that hating people to accept on their rules, thus people dislike their opinions or the Sharia of Islam they claimed.
I think and have more to think that even those who hatefully embraced in Islam will no longer draw back.
The matter of satisfying people is not by force at all and it is never of Islam way of advising people.
Islam came out to liberate people from the dark thoughts and from slavery depending on advice and illuminating people minds by applying provable facts that widely have been taken from Glory Koran.
ISIS groups have never proved out the essence of the true Islam, and the essence of Islam itself has been actually absent on their mind and always you can notice the contradiction on their styles.
For instance, they intentionally enslaved people as what they did in Sinjar region for the Yazidi-Sect once when forcedly entered their region stealing their money, their stuffs, devastating their homes, taking by force their wives and their daughters to be publicly sold in the market of slaves selling.