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Grab Bag Shopping

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I don't normally order clothes online because I usually prefer to try them on and such first, but as it happens I was in need of some particular items, I will not go into details as to what, because they are of a personal/intimate nature (you can use your imagination) and I had some gift cards from Target and didn't feel like going to the store so I figured it would be easier and more convenient to get it online because I knew the size I wanted.

So I find what I am looking for and order it, and it came today except for the fact that it was not the color I had ordered (or thought I had ordered) of all things it came in PINK!!!! (shudders) needless to say that color is utterly and completely unacceptable. Just about any other color they sent me I would have been able to make due with, I mean it is not like many other people are going to be seeing it. But PINK?

No I could not stomach the idea of wearing that even if I was the only one who knew I was wearing it.

It wasn't tell after I had received and had my excitement at receiving utterly dashed when I opened up the package, and than began the process of figuring out how to return that I noticed that it says next to the item in parentheses colors may vary. I don't recall seeing that when I first ordered the item, though I suppose it could have been there and I just didn't really pay attention.

But I think that is completely bogus, ordering something online shouldn't be any different than buying it in the store. If they don't have certain colors available they shouldn't show pictures of that color on the website. You should be able to get exactly what you are paying for. When you go into the store and you pick out what you want and go up to the counter to pay for it, they don't than reach into some grab bag and pick out some other completely random color and tell you, here this is what you get instead.

So they shouldn't do that when you order online. The color you pick out on their website should be the color in which you receive. They shouldn't take it upon themselves to send whatever the hell random color they feel like sending you.

Needless to say now after I send the item back I am going to have to go to the store to buy what I want because I don't dare try to reorder it online because who knows what they will send me next, though it is hard to imagine anything worse than pink.