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I Throw Knives

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I have recently taken up a new hobby, which is actually something I have been interested in for a very long time, knife throwing. Why knife throwing some silly person might ask, when the answer is obvious.....because it is awesome, and it makes you bad ***, and in some situations it could prove to have a practical use. It is good to have a wide variety of resourceful skills.

Last year I ordered a set of Kunai throwing knives

2015-01-22 15.35.36.jpg

And I will say I am quite impressed with myself because the first couple of times I threw them the cord which is wrapped around the blades on two of the knives (the one the left and the one on the right) completely unraveled. I do not think that the cord actually plays a functional use for the knives, I think it is just for a soft grip and looks, but when I got home I studied the one that was still intact and rewapped the other two and I am quite impressed with how it came out. I don't know how long it will hold up when I start to use them but it cannot be any worse than they were before.

But for the longest time since I bought them they had just been sitting on the shelf because I didn't really have good place around the house where I could practice with them without the risk of either one of the knives going over the fence into the neighbors yard, or doing damage to the property or causing injury. There are a lot of cats, including a couple of my own around the place which could potentially get in the path of a knife that had gone awry and off target.

Finally the idea dawned on me that I could do some throwing up at the park that is down the street from my house. It is a big open area and in the mornings particularly, when I go out, it is usually deserted. There would be minimal risk of doing any damage to anyone or anything or of losing my blades.

I don't like throwing at the trees because I feel bad about that so I rigged up this makeshift target

2015-01-22 15.30.57.jpg

I am starting off with cardboard while I work on perfecting my technique, aim, accuracy, etc.. and when I get consistent I will graduate myself to using a piece of plywood to throw at. I have threaded some string to the box of which I am going to tie around one of the trees in the park and my intention is to leave it up there so I don't have to lug it back and forth with me on a daily basis and put it back up and take it down all the time.

Hopefully no one will mess with it. I don't know what someone would want with a box which will be full of holes by the time I am done with it, but then the things people do sometimes defies any sort of logic, reason and sense.

I will set up on Friday and see how things go, and because I don't usually get out on my walks on the weekends hopefully when I go back out Monday it will still be there waiting for me.
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  1. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Knife throwing would definitely be a great skill to learn. I can imagine that it would be mutually beneficial to many other skills, like concentration, coordination and that sort of thing. A few days before you posted this, I was just thinking about learning swords - in my Aikido class we would work with them occasionally, so that's the style I would be interested in.. I never learned too much about them before. Would you ever graduate to throwing other things?
  2. Dark Muse's Avatar
    I love swords, I took an Aikido class once, we did not do swords in my class but he did a bit of staff training. I still have my staff which is called a jo. I also have a quarter staff of which I fashioned myself. And I have a bamboo training sword which I should really start to work with on a more regular basis. I also own a couple of collector swords. They are not fashioned to be truly battle ready as such I cannot accord. But they still look cool and can still be used as a dangerous weapon if needed.

    I do throw darts, I don't know if that counts LOL, though i haven't done that in a while. But other things I might be interested in throwing, possibly throwing axes, and ninja stars could be fun to play with, and I would love to get my hands on a chakram.

    I also wouldn't mind learning to throw a javelin/spear, but of course that is a completely different technique and skill than throwing knives.

    And I would love someday to have a bow and arrows and practice archery.

    Needless to say I am fascinated with historical weapons in general and would love to be versatile in the use of various different types of weaponry.