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Chris Thile and The Hobbit

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I love coincidences. . although I know the human mind looks for them everywhere, and they're not always there; still, the wonderful pattern-detector of a brain can get very good at seeing real ones. . . and I know that's a bit off-topic of this . . but anyway - to come back to it, I love coincidences. :-) Yesterday I just discovered an album from Thile - it was new to me.

It's inspired by the Hobbit; and I found it very interesting, it was released when I was 13- and also, 13 years ago, and also, the year I read the Hobbit and sequels. I just found that really a lovely coincidence. . . Anyway, I thought it was a new album at first because it was released on Youtube last month. .

Anyway, I hope you like it. I've only listened to a few songs so far, my favorites are #10 and #3. . . both simply, in their own way, indescribably beautiful.

Whenever I discover new music by Thile I am always thrilled, because he's one of the most wonderful musicians I've ever come across, and definitely in my top 10 list.

I hope it brings as much pleasure to you as it does to me. (at least as much ;)

Anyway, here's the album, and here's Raining at Sunset . . The album is called Not All Who Wander Are Lost. . I guess you would have figured that out soon enough :)

And Stuart Duncan and a billion others are also part of making it :-)

The wordless beauty of the oneness of life.