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Mohammad Ahmad

Three fellow dogs A, B and F

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Three dogs (A, B, and F) decided to go for hunting, the senior dog said to his fellows, I am the biggest dog, and you might obey me in whatsoever I tell or order.
The three follows dogs went through the desert from north to south and from east to west, searching each valley they passed by if there was a bit hunt to eat.
When they felt fatigued, they stayed for a while to take a rest under a big tree overlooking on two small hills and began to discuss the difficulties of each one life.
The biggest dog was the first one to begin his story.
O, fellows B and F, I am on a real imperialistic self-identification I find myself was arranged to, I met many people everywhere face to face who said this to me.
I fell rather happy when they don't look disgustedly to me by their spyglass then I fell that I am eaten by the time and my age will be shortened and probably I will be chased by the misery everywhere to go.
The dog B, slightly going into coughing, telling the big dog and said:
You are bravo to do this all time alone even the smallest dogs you own, do not try to help you!
You are already had been chosen to this hard task.
You are indeed the leader who we need not only in our present time but also in our future.
The F dog also approved the way to speak and began to talk although it has an obvious stuttering into his speech, but he continued and said:
You are our bigger leader who taught us how to hunt and how to be alive in this undomesticated life.
Sir, to the big dog, the F dog turned on speech!
Don't you have Sir a young girl to engage with?
The big A, goes in speech as if it has a whooping- cough!
Yes, indeed, I had, but she neither married nor engaged!
Is she a widow Sir?
Or she is still spinster!
No, no indeed she is not a widow but she hates marriage, she preferred to live alone and always she is the most darling in our society.
What's her name Sir?
Why do you always ask a silly question?
Does she have not a name?
Indeed, it had, but we dislike calling her into her common name, but we rather call her the ES-J.
Can she speak fluently like us in dogs' language?
Yes, she can, but she offered to herself another language, it can't be easily understood only within her society.
You said it had society Sir. The B and F dogs slightly turned over on their stretched too long sofa.
Yes, it will examine her society in the beginning of each year and it may ask the church- owner for a sympathetic thing she likes to do!
I don't know why this a dog female deals with all these unconcern things to bring together deliciously all things to be united in a one matrix.
It is very serious to work and to do!
The big dog exclaimed!
It is not a dog female, it is rather princess and it has a golden throne!
She is my daughter, the daughter of her father, the Big Dog -A, you know, who is still strong as you see.
Indeed Sir you deserve this daughter.
Both B and F dogs replied in a faint voice.
The A dog being angry and somehow roaring into both faces looking around to see his response!
I am into thy speech more resentful and you may not sit near my round table, I might banish you if you don’t respect her!
There is a bit of silence as if a shadow of eagle comes down!
You must obey and hear my story…The dog A confirms…
I was born inside the jungles, I am not an ordinary dog, and indeed, I am a lion.
One day a Russian lion comes to the Mississippi -River around land and married with my mother.
Thus, we see a fur covered your ears!
The F dog, in slight bantering was crabbing to complete the verse.
I am proud if I had a European mother and a Russian father, this will make me jumping in rejoicing.
When the three fellows felt discouraged and frustrated to continue on hunting, they decided to build a new society in the Middle East; therefore, they need to find a group of dogs to consulting with them and for additional concreting advice.
So that they decided to go for Egypt and the rest countries of Arabia-West, otherwise they send another dispatcher to meet the dogs in the Gulf region, however to find assistance and gathering voices helping to establish the new society.
They pretend that the new society will ever keeps the dogs' rights in the different communities.
As they work so, many troubles arise on their way since there is another society is going to see the light, thus they need a jackal to do applicable translation is suitable to their allegations to be a truthful idea on the eyes of people.
The jackal came and found the mission is to hard to be achieved, thus he claims that the region still dark and needs additional lamps and lanterns since the way must be illuminated as far as people see.
The first prerequisite he suggested that F and B must be arrogated their tails are of A borrowed and to be quite sure F and B must go on propagating a new offspring, and the coming generations should be always without tails.
Otherwise, F and B must had a bed three nights with the biggest dog A, then the new society will be attended by his darling the ES-J whose name will be changed in the ceremony, which it is previously has been decided to be held on the last day.
All bugles attend and all horns attend, all men and women as well as all dogs from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf everywhere come to hear the prelude and the choirs as they were shoving one another to be in the front of the hall.
The carnival ended and the jackal still has another suggestion.
F and B agreed when they saw dogs come scrambling to find a place hardly to be found for one's foot meanwhile many of them still out of the assembly hall whispering and shouting:
Be alive the dog A
Viva is to the dog A
On the other hand, other dogs went away into exclamation feeling in frustration since they had not voices to elect the new dogs' leader of the world.

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